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7 Sandwiches That’ll Make You Forget All About the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

There’s no reason at all to obsess over a sandwich that’s imported from the home of the New Orleans AINTS of all places when there’s all of these other great sandwiches all over town.

Capriotti's - The Bobbie | Photo: Instagram/capriottis
Capriotti’s – The Bobbie | Photo: Instagram/capriottis

1. Capriotti’s “The Bobbie” sandwich – This sandwich combines all the flavors of Thanksgiving! It’s been reviewed on Food Network and is filled with turkey, cranberry sauce, mayo, and stuffing in an Italian roll. It tastes just like home in a sandwich!

Ponko Chicken - Chicken Sandwich
Ponko Chicken – Chicken Sandwich

2. Ponko Chicken’s Chicken Sandwich in Spicy and OG 

The chicken here blew our cluckin’ minds during a recent shoot for Atlanta Eats. They use rice oil and a special breading that kicks their chicken up a notch. It’s flavorful, crispy, and totally addictive for an “Eats Meets West” vibe. You can find them in Chamblee and Midtown!

Goldberg's French Toast Sandwich

3. Goldberg’s French Toast Sandwich

Bacon, syrup, and French Toast. Yup, this is the brunch food for kings. Goldberg’s serves up great bagels and NY-style deli sandwiches, but they also do all your favorites like a great chicken biscuit and this perfectly decadent French toast sandwich, and for a great price!

Zaxby's Kickin Chicken Sandwich | Photo:
Zaxby’s Kickin Chicken Sandwich | Photo:

4. Zaxby’s Kickin’ Chicken Sandwich

STOP 👏 SLEEPING 👏 ON 👏 ZAXBY’S. 👏 They are absolutely the sauce king. The kickin’ chicken sandwich–three chicken fingers on two pieces of texas toast drizzled with “Tongue Torch” and ranch sauce–will have your tastebuds screaming for more. AND they’re open on Sundays!

The Greater Good Smokerise Sandwich
The Greater Good Smoke Rise Sandwich

5. The Greater Good BBQ’s Smoke Rise Sandwich

The Greater Good has been serving up outrageously delicious BBQ in Atlanta for years, but they’re still innovating and adding new things to the menu all the time. The Smoke Rise Sandwich, with melty Jalapeño cheese over brisket is a new addition to the menu that will send you right into a food coma.

Hobnob Dixie Burger | Facebook/hobnobatlanta
Hobnob Dixie Burger | Facebook/hobnobatlanta

6. Hobnob – The Dixie Burger

Nothing beats a burger with all the southern fixin’s like this one from Hobnob with bacon, pimento cheese, and bacon onion jam. Need we say more?

Cafe at Pharr Chicken Salad Sandwich | Photo: Facebook/cafeatpharr
Cafe at Pharr Chicken Salad Sandwich | Photo: Facebook/cafeatpharr

7. Cafe at Pharr – Curried Chicken Sandwich

This great lunch little Buckhead lunch spot has a chicken salad that is so, so good. You’ll be able to find lots of flavors like celery and walnut, but we especially love their curried chicken sandwich. Order yours on a croissant!

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