Steak’s 7 Things I’m Sure of This Week

Steak Shapiro brings you the…

7 Things I Am Sure of This Week:

1. There are few nights in Atlanta more entertaining than a trip to the bar at Hal’s on Old Ivy. Toss in a filet and split the Fettuccine Alfredo and suddenly you are in nirvana….

2. If it’s “girl’s night out” or “night out with the boys” Del Frisco’s in Buckhead makes a ton of sense. The tuna tacos and the flatbreads will make you not have to order dinner. Throw in a coconut cream pie and now you’re cooking with gas……

3. You want to learn why folks dig Indian street food so much, check out our piece on Chai Pani from this past show. If you’re not falling in love with kale chips and thali then I ain’t your favorite bald local restaurant show host…

4. Many great “date” nights for couples happen right at the bar at your favorite restaurant. Great way to learn what’s good that nigh to eat, pick a great wine and have a super vibe all while sitting a few feet from your favorite bartender. Tip him a little extra to start the night he just might throw a few things out from the kitchen for you to try or top of that drink a few extra times…..

5. A perfect weekend, how about a Friday night in Athens at 5 & 10 or one of the many great restaurants around that town. Saturday, how about an insane tailgate, delicious Van Gogh vodka punch cocktail and an SEC matchup with Aaron Murray at the helm. Post game, check out the balcony on the brand new Grindhouse Burgers in town and then a nightcap on Lumpkin St. or Broad. Go Dawgs!!

6. You absolutely need to try a Staycation in Downtown Atlanta if you got kids between 6-13. Can you say Centennial Park fountains, Coke Museum, Aquarium, Downtown Ferris Wheel and the kick butt new Game X arcade for kiddies and parents alike. While the kids are compiling points on games without dealing with those annoying tickets that pile up, Mommy or Daddy are compiling delicious martinis at the bar. For dinner, STATS, Max’s, Downstairs at Legal Sea Foods, Johnny Rocket’s, Dantanna’s at CNN Center, folks you got real options…..

7. The hottest thing at Turner Field since the World Series runs in the 90’s, not the Upton brothers or Jason Heyward…….the fervor around the Holeman and Finch burger served in the park. For a town that we didn’t think was that food crazy, Braves fans regular wait an hour to have one of the greatest tastes on the planet alongside that 2 run long ball they are rooting for.

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