A Beginner’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting

Article written by guest blogger, Jamie Bodner, personal trainer and owner of Pinnacle Fitness  

Jamie Bodner, Owner of Pinnacle Fitness

Jamie Bodner, Owner of Pinnacle Fitness

Over the last three years, almost all of us have heard something about intermittent fasting (IF) with life-changing positive benefits. Fasting has been around for centuries for different religions and cleansing purposes. But there’s an overwhelming amount of new research coming out showing its wonderful benefits for both your health and waistline.

The first “Do” for intermittent fasting is to prepare your minds and mentally be ready to not eat for a 12-16 hours period. In 1980, the first publication of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans was released. The Dietary Guidelines have become the cornerstone of Federal food and nutrition guidance. From this, we all have been trained to eat a minimum of three meals per day–some people eat 6-7 times per day! Intermittent fasting is obviously a big adjustment to what you’re probably used to, so get your head in the game first.

The second “Do” for intermittent fasting is to take it slow and listen to your body. If you’re a Type-A person that eats when you first wake up, you may want to start with a 12-hour fast and build up from there. Sixteen hours is the ideal time to have the hormonal effect and reap all the benefits of IF.

The third “Do” and “Do Not” requires listening to your body: if you get that hunger sensation, try to give it 10 minutes before eating. Get busy doing something, go out for a walk, or simply call somebody on the phone. Try to get your mind off of that hunger sensation that you’ve trained so many years to have. Remember, the human body can survive for almost a month without food. A little hunger or grumbling in your stomach does not mean you need food. You won’t starve to death if you miss a meal. However, if you find yourself dizzy, nauseous, or with brain fog, you may want to break your fast and try it again the next day

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