Alternatives to Turkey this Thanksgiving!

Beef tenderloin photo courtesy of Flickr user Larry Hoffman

*The below is written by Terry Smith, Owner of Mobile Meat & Seafood*

While Turkey is the main centerpiece of the Thanksgiving dinner, not everyone is a fan of the bird.


Sometimes you’ll need to add an alternative Thanksgiving Meat recipe to your feast. Whether you’re skipping the turkey or just looking to add meat dishes to your menu, an alternative meat or seafood dish can enhance the turkey beautifully. Mobile Meat and Seafood has three alternative Thanksgiving recipes for this Thanksgiving season.

Maple glaze pork belly photo courtesy of Flickr user Opacity.

Recipe 1:
Our first recommendation is Maple Glazed Pork Belly. This rich, decadent maple-braised Belly can seem daunting due to its fatness, but that’s the point. Rubbing the pork belly with brown sugar, salt, maple syrup and paprika combined with eight hours of braising makes the meat supremely tender and tasty.

Grilled salmon photo courtesy of Flickr user Bradley Tinney.

Recipe 2:
For a light and satisfying Thanksgiving alternative, we recommend a Lemon Dill Grilled Salmon. Our Norwegian Salmon is the perfect fish for this recipe. This Salmon is lightly seasoned with lemon and dill, then grilled three minutes per side. It is sure to be a favorite for those who prefer fish to turkey. We suggest you serve it with fresh green beans, grilled asparagus and brown rice.

Recipe 3:
Many of our clients also serve a classic beef tenderloin with their Thanksgiving dinner. Beef Tenderloin with a Red Wine Dijon sauce compliments any holiday dinner. In a skillet, sear the meat on both sides then put in oven for about thirty minutes. Use the frying pan to prepare a red wine Dijon sauce for this elegant and sophisticated dinner. We suggest mashed potatoes and green beans for your sides – the best!

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