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Alton Brown Tells Us His Top 3 Spots in Atlanta, Why Organic Needs to Go Away and What Dish is So Good He Needs a Shower Afterwards


Recently, our maven of the radio, Mara Davis, sat down with Alton Brown to chat about the Atlanta dining scene. Below he gives us his top 3 spots in town, what trend needs to go away and answers the age old question; Waffle House or Cracker Barrel.

Check out all 4 parts of his interview on Atlanta Eats Radio, every Saturday  in February on AM640 at 11AM. And be sure to tune in to Atlanta Eats on February 28th where you can see him sit down with Mara!

Mara Davis: What does Atlanta have that makes it a great restaurant scene?

Alton Brown: That would probably be great restaurants. (laughter)

MD: Favorite place to go for a gut bomb?

AB: Red Eye Mule, Marietta. Absolutely. Red Eye Mule. They stuff their burger! It’s like a burger stuffed with chili and then topped with slaw and Texas Toast. You need a shower after that.

MD: Now, when people are coming in from out of town, where are you taking them?

AB: The Butcher, The Baker – Square of Marietta.Fan-stinking-tastic!

MD: What is a food trend that needs to die?

AB: (With air quotes) “Organic” which means nothing to me.

MD: I like to call it ‘Farm to toilet.’

MD: Favorite place to get a steak?

AB: Still has to be Blue Ridge Grill. I like Blue Ridge Grill. Comfy banquettes, quiet, good martini…and PARKING.

MD: Where do you see the Atlanta dining scene going? 5, 10, 15 years?

AB:  I’d like to see food trucks continue to grow, because I adore food trucks.

MD: OK, Waffle House or Cracker Barrel?

AB: I must make a choice?! Well, you go authenticity. You go Waffle House.

MD: What are your top 3 Atlanta restaurants?

AB: I would say Miller Union would still be my favorite. And then I’ve got to go with The Butcher, The Baker out in Marietta because they’re doing such fantastic work, and then I would say Seed in East Cobb.

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