How’d You Like Them Apps: UrbanSpoon & FoodSpotting

In the last few years, mobile devices have become more powerful than the computers that sent the Apollo missions into space. And what do we use these miniature marvels for? Food. We use them for food. Finding it, photographing it, reviewing it, accessing discounts to get more of it, and telling our friends where to meet us so we can enjoy it together.

In How Do You Like Them Apps? we’ll take a look at the best in food apps for iOS and Android devices. We’re starting with two of the most popular apps available in the iTunes Store and in the Google Play Store: UrbanSpoon and FoodSpotting.

Urban Spoon
One of the most venerable food apps out there, with it’s clever/kitschy /just-plain-fun “shake” feature Urban Spoon will return a restaurant recommendation after you shake your phone. Launched in the summer of 2008, it has gone through numerous updates and now has a robust homepage filled with lists of restaurants and ideas to quickly and effectively hone in on your next meal.

What Does It Do?
Urban Spoon uses your mobile device’s GPS to figure out where you are, then by setting parameters for neighborhood, cuisine, and price, provides a recommendation for where to eat. The easy to navigate interface allows you to read reviews, recommend restaurants to friends, and even make a reservation. You can check out photos before you decide to eat, and add photos of your own.

UrbanSpoon Shake           Urban Spoon Check IN

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Urban Spoon’s latest competition is FoodSpotting. This app is used by a bunch of food review sites, and FoodSpotting have made sharing your photos incredibly easy — you can have the app share your photo (and review) to Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Flickr, and Tumblr, or share your Instagram pictures on FoodSpotting by hashtagging them with #food or #foodspotting.

What Does It Do?
If you’re like most food enthusiasts, you probably take pictures of your food. FoodSpotting makes sharing these pictures intuitive and easy. If you’re in a new neighborhood you can use your phone to pull up a map of where you are and photos of food to eat nearby. There’s no way to make a reservation, but through a partnership with ScoutMob you can find great deals near you without leaving the app.

FoodSpotting Main Menu          Foodspotting Best Near Me           FoodSpotting Search Map

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The Atlanta Eats Restaurant Finder is also a great resource! Learn more here.

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