Best Things We Ate Last Week


You could say it’s always a feeding frenzy at Atlanta Eats’ HQ, but to us it’s just another hard day’s work. We’re sharing the best things we ate last week to give you some food inspiration for the week ahead. Check out AtlantaEatsTv on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter for a constant stream of pictures if this doesn’t quite cure your food porn fix…

Burrata Pizza at Thirteen Pies (Buckhead)

We could literally eat thirteen of these burrata pizzas. They’re simple, well seasoned and styled like they’re on the cover of Food & Wine magazine. The crust is bubbly and doughy with a crisp bottom layer, aka perfection. The burrata pizza is served piping hot out of the oven so be patient and don’t burn the roof of your mouth like we did!


Smoked Salmon at W.H. Stiles Fish Camp (Ponce City Market)

Ponce City Market can be a tad overwhelming, so here’s a starting point for BLT lovers (bagel, lox and tomato, that is). This smoked salmon toast rises far and above our expectations. The bread is the an excellent sturdy under-layer, the cream cheese isn’t too heavy but you can still taste the cheesiness, and the salmon is so fresh tasting you may as well be fishing in Alaska. It’s also pretty photogenic, as you can see.


Piece of Cake (Vinings)

This is what dreams (and birthdays and weekdays…) are made of. You may not know this, but cookies & cream cake EXISTS! It tastes just like it sounds, if not better! There are chunks of Oreos throughout the cake and the icing is spot on. Even if your birthday is a long way away, we suggest finding an excuse to buy this beauty of a confection.


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