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Best Thing We Ate Last Week


You could say it’s always a feeding frenzy at Atlanta Eats’ HQ, but to us it’s just another hard day’s work. We’re sharing the best things we ate last week to give you some food inspiration for the week ahead. Check out AtlantaEatsTV on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter for a constant stream of pictures if this doesn’t quite cure your food porn fix…

Cheeseburger from D.B.A. Barbecue (Highlands)

DBA is known for savory barbecue, but their cheeseburger is another menu item to brag about. This is no ordinary cheeseburger. The bread is fresh and buttered giving a toasted sweet flavor with mounds of cheese and caramelized onions that melt over the top of their deliciously grilled burger. The hardest part about this order may be deciding which side dish you want to compliment the meal.


Cuban Torta from Taco Cantina (Smyrna)

If you’re within 50 miles of Smyrna, you need to drive over to Taco Cantina, and fast! Their tortas are decadent and savory with a lot of love baked inside. Do not miss the Cuban, chorizo avocado or the barbacoa topped with freshly chopped pico de gallo! Owner, Adolfo Gonzalez, former Executive Sous Chef for Atlanta Fish Market, takes pride in every authentic Mexican item on his menu- not just tortas. This restaurant is family friendly and it’s about to be your new favorite hidden gem.

Taco Cantina

Kitchen Sink Milkshake from Grub Burger (Druid Hills)

If you’re looking for an over-the-top dessert, Grub Burger is the place for you. Not only is their Kitchen Sink milkshake made with pretzels, peanut butter, butterscotch sauce, caramel sauce, chocolate chips, coffee ground and potato chips…you can also kick it up a notch with their dirty version. Just add chocolate vodka to the mix.

Grub Burger

Did I make you hungry? Lucky for you Atlanta Eats provides the perfect workday distraction! Search our site for videos of Atlanta’s top restaurants and be sure to tune in on Peachtree TV every Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 10:30am!

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