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Where To Eat, By Terminal, in The Atlanta Airport

Living in the A, we may all gripe about the gridlock traffic and the 100 degree summer days, but something we all are proud of is the Atlanta airport. You don’t realize it until you visit other cities’ airports that Hartsfield-Jackson is just *built different.* It’s more efficient, with more shopping options, and of course, places to eat. Take a look at our list and hop aboard the plane train if you’re trying to find your nearest Chick-fil-a or if you’re in search of Ludacris’ chicken spot. We’ve got all the highlights (though if you want a full list of all 100+ spots here, check out!) 

Domestic Terminal (Atrium)

Atlanta Chophouse – Did your anxiety have you arrive at the airport hours and hours before your flight? Take a respite from the airport’s hustle and bustle with a full sit-down meal at this steakhouse. (Atrium NE)

Auntie Anne’s – Your shopping mall fave can be found at Hartsfield-Jackson, too, in the domestic terminal atrium. Get your salty fix here! (Atrium NE) 

Popeyes – The hype has died down, but we’re still crazy about the spicy chicken sandwich at this New Orleans-based chain. (Atrium SE)

Starbucks – This spot opens at 4:30 am, perfect for your redeye. (Atrium NE)


Concourse A

Atlanta Bread – It’s harder to find locations of this Atlanta franchise these days, but you can still enjoy their California Avocado sandwich (it’s just *perfect*) at the ATL airport in both Concourse A, Concourse C and Concourse F. (Gate A12)

Cat Cora’s Kitchen – Dig into some more refined New American cuisine like crab mac and cheese and spicy tomato soup at Iron Chef/celebrity chef Cat Cora’s kitchen. (A25)

Chick-fil-a – It needs no introduction or explanation–Atlanta loves Chick-fil-a. (Center)

Dunkin Donuts – Dig into a box of munchkins or get your caffeine fix at Dunkin. (Gate A28)

Goldberg’s Bagels & Deli –  We love Goldberg’s! Unpretentious eats with your favorite New York deli fixes alongside Southern favorites. (Gate A16)

Shake Shack – For great shakes and even better burgers and fries chow down at Shake Shack because you know those in-flight Biscoff cookies will not be enough. (Gate A28)

Pinkberry – A quick fro-yo fix is just perfect before an afternoon flight out. (Gate A9)

Varasano’s Pizzeria – This ATL favorite has an attached piano bar as well in Terminal A if you want a brew and a bite of ‘za. (Center) 

Concourse B 

Coffee Beanery – Your concourse/Terminal B caffeine fix can be found here. (B3)

Fresh2Order – This Atlanta favorite serves fresh and healthy food but fast. The grilled salmon in the coconut curry is positively dreamy. (Center)

Paschal’s Southern Cuisine – Get one last taste of home before your flight out with this historic soul food spot. (Center)

Samuel Adams Bar – Simple, clean spot to sit down and grab a beer and burger. (Center)

Savannah’s Candy Kitchen – Stock up on some candy as last-minute souvenirs before you leave GA! (Center)

SAVI Provisions – It’s your favorite ATL artisanal grocery spot but so much more! With a cafe and cute cafe seating, grab a quick and delicious bite before your flight. (Center)

Sweetwater Last Cast Bar & Grill – Get your last Sweetwater 420 IPA fix before you depart the A. (B31)

Concourse C 

Bantam + Biddy – Get your Southern favorites at Bantam & Biddy. They also have lots of gluten-free options! (Center) 

Carrabba’s – Didn’t grow up in the burbs? Let us tell you about this national staple. It’s family friendly with fresh, complementary and irresistible bread alongside Italian American favorites like fettuccine alfredo and chicken parmesan. (Center) 

Five Guys Burgers and Fries – My personal favorite fast food burger that also serves an entire potato field’s equivalent of fries.  (C41)

Krispy Kreme – A fresh and hot glazed donut from Krispy Kreme is truly one of life’s greatest pleasures. (Center)

Longhorn Steakhouse – This casual dining steakhouse has a location in the airport with comfy booths for you to rest your weary feet. The cheddar stuffed mushrooms are a decadent treat!  (Gate C13)

The Original El Taco – Dig into flour tortillas, creamy guac, and sizzlin’ fajitas at the Original El taco before your flight. (Gate C14)

Saladworks – Avoid the post flight bloat with something fresh and good for you at Saladworks. (Center)


Concourse D

Chicken + Beer – Celebrity-owned spot Chicken + Beer is Ludacris’ take on fried chicken and well, beer! (Gate D5)

Grindhouse Killer Burgers – Grab a bite at one of Atlanta’s favorite burger spots for a taste of home before you leave ATL. (Gate D30)

Mustard Seed BBQ – We love this locally owned hidden gem, and the mustard seed based BBQ sauces are insanely good. Don’t knock it until you try it! (Gate D23)

Terrapin Brewery – Head up the elevator for this Athens based brewery and brewpub favorites like nachos and bratwurst. (Upper Level)

Concourse E

Nathan’s – Great spot for when you just want a hot dog. (Center)

One Flew South – They’ve since added a location on the Beltline, but frequent travelers know that One Flew South has long been the place to go in the airport! They’ve got a menu featuring “southernational” cuisine and a fine dining experience, and it’s totally worth a ride on the plane train for. (Center)


Concourse T

Atlanta Stillhouse – Post up at the bar for a spell for a pre-flight drink and comforting bar bites. (Gate T14)

Bojangle’s – Definitely one of the best things to come out of the Carolinas. Indulge in a biscuit or three before you leave, because you know wherever you’re headed just isn’t going to do it quite right. (Gate T7)

Goldberg’s Bagel Company & Deli – We’ll never SCHMEAR Goldberg’s name because there’s LOX to love here! (Gate T12)

Papi’s Caribbean Cafe – This Puerto Rican favorite can be found at the airport too. (Gate T8).


Concourse F/International Terminal

Ecco – We love their locations in Midtown and Buckhead, and we feel extra spoiled to be able to dine from their menu when at Hartsfield-Jackson, too. (Mezzanine)

The Original El Taco – Simple takeout taco spot with quite a number of flavors if you want something quick. Try the buttermilk fried chicken taco for a fun Southern-Mex spin. (Mezzanine)

The Varsity – What’ll ya have?! This famous Atlanta restaurant is a popular must-visit among tourists, but locals aren’t going to turn their noses up at one of their iconic frosted orange shakes, either. (Mezzanine) 

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published September 8, 2022, and last updated October 30, 2023.

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