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The Hottest Food Trends in ATL Right Now

***The below article is written by @atladventurer, a guest blogger for Atlanta Eats***

We may not be New York or San Fran, but Atlanta is gaining attention as a culinary destination worth some hype. From national media buzz surrounding the eateries at Ponce City Market, to impressive accolades by Bon Appetit & Zagat for Old Fourth Ward’s Staplehouse, the Atlanta food scene’s got something to say.

Thanks to Instagram, trends are dominating foodie culture in our fair city and beyond – you’ve probably seen everything from rainbow bagels to giant, over-the-top burgers on your feed (perhaps you should follow @atlantaeatstv on Instagram if not). Entrepreneurs and chefs are making their way to Atlanta to capitalize on trends started in other cities around the country (heard of NYC’s The Halal Guys making their way down south?) While trends may come and go, good food sticks – and it’s an exciting time in Atlanta to see what makes the cut.

Want to stay ahead of the curve? Here are our picks for top food trends around Atlanta.

Asian-Inspired Sweet Treats

Photo credit: @atladventurer

The popularity of Buford Highway and all things Asian food has exploded in Atlanta. Shops like 8 Fahrenheit and I-CE NY kicked off the craze with Thai-inspired rolled ice cream, inciting a flurry of videos on social media sharing this revolutionary new way to create the staple frozen treat.

Unique twists are popping up around the city’s suburbs, including an eye-catching variation on rolled ice cream from Roll It Up in Doraville. This recently opened spot adds liquid nitrogen to the mix for a creamier feel and a spark of visual interest. Snowville Shavery in Marietta serves up shaved snow, a Taiwanese treat of flavored shaved ice with a fluffier, lighter texture. They’re also a popular haven for their macarons and boba tea.

Duluth’s MacLab has seen a ton of social buzz over their quirky macaron shapes, from Pokemon characters to unicorns and hedgehogs. You’ll be hard-pressed to scroll through your social feeds without catching a glimpse of these adorable creations.

Sushirritos & Poke

Photo credit: @atladventurer

Sushi burritos (also commonly referred to as “sushirritos”) hit Atlanta like a ton of bricks in Summer 2016 with Irwin Street Market pop-up Appa (think only open on Sunday nights with lines out the door hours in advance). After the initial craze settled down, spots like BoruBoru Sushi at Emory Point and POKE BURRI in the We Suki Suki foodcourt in EAV have become popular for their colorful, hand-held sushirrito creations.

Poke, a raw fish salad commonly served in Hawaii, can often be found alongside sushi burritos. The aforementioned eateries all serve it up bowl-style, in addition to our favorites Poke Bar in Sandy Springs and Fish Bowl Poke downtown (touted as Atlanta’s first poke restaurant).

Over-The-Top Desserts

Photo credit: @atladventurer

With over 80k followers on Instagram, My Fair Sweets in downtown Atlanta epitomizes the power of social sharing. While they also serve up a full food menu, My Fair Sweets is known for their massive milkshakes topped with every conceivable cookie and candy, including shakes finished off with whole donuts and cupcakes! They’ve received a ton of attention on social, creating a food destination (and uber-long weekend lines) for visitors in and around Atlanta.

In addition to perennial donut shop favorites (Revolution Doughnuts & Sublime initially come to mind), many sweets-only shops are popping up around Atlanta in the new year. CheeseCaked’s new Buckhead locale features decadent mini cheesecakes, a build-your-own station, and a full candy bar. From stuffed croissants at Paris Baguette to cookie ice cream sandwiches at Ali’s Cookies, Atlanta can’t seem to get enough sugar.

Larger-Than-Life Dishes

If gluttony is wrong, we don’t want to be right. Massive portions are currently trending, and you won’t find a spot more fitting than Oy! in Vinings. Every dish is oversized, enough to share, and affordably priced – get the 14” pancake if you’re looking to feed a small family on the cheap.

While it’s no newbie to the Atlanta food scene, the Grim Reaper burger at Lucky’s Burger & Brew has recently gained popularity on the food challenge scene (and has also been featured on Atlanta Eats TV!) This four pound burger packs on 8 slices of cheese, 12 strips of bacon, and 7 fried eggs, and is shared amongst 4 competitors for $40. Just make sure to give Lucky’s a 24 hours heads up of your impending burger coma.

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