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Ford Fry Describes His Restaurants As Never Before…

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Ford Fry is the restaurant mastermind behind 10 of Atlanta’s hottest restaurant concepts. From Buckhead’s St. Cecilia to Alpharetta’s El Felix, each has it’s own distinct personality and side of town. We went straight to the source to learn how each Ford Fry restaurant marches to the beat of its own drum…

“I’ve been brainstorming the idea of a book and reflecting on how my life has influenced all of the restaurants. I believe they all speak to more of my personalities under the main personality of not taking things too seriously and having fun.

As far as kid personalities [that my restaurants portray]: JCT Kitchen- Social boy, No.246 – Hipster kid, The Optimist – High school surfer dropout who made it big time.

Lobster roll and chips from The Optimist

King & Duke – red neck kid, St. Cecilia – studious, perfectionist, purest kid.

Hamachi with toasted hazelnuts, cilantro, jalapeno vinaigrette from St.Cecilia

The El Felix – the kid who got married and has 8 kids!, Superica – the kid who will never get married and wouldn’t dare going OTP.

Taco and enchilada from El Felix

Marcel – that kid who has to be the center of attention, Bar Margot – the step kid we all love, State of Grace – country club kid.

L'Entrecote by Thomas Lee
L’Entrecote at Marcel by Andrew Thomas Lee

As for his newest venture, Beetlecat…

BeetleCat – kid who was sent to boarding school to straighten out but came back wilder than ever.”

Photo by Andrew Thomas Lee
A dinner spread at the Inman Park Oyster-ette, Beetlecat (Photo by Andrew Thomas Lee)

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