Atlanta’s Top Pot Pies


Nothing says comfort food better than a home-style pot pie. The protein is tender, the middle is piping hot and filled with crisp veggies and cream, and lets not even get started on the buttery, flaky, indulgent crust. This winter, it is time to cuddle up with some serious comfort food. Pick up a pot pie for the holidays or just a cold night in. Versatile, portable, and delicious; pot pies are an Atlanta Eats favorite. As southerners, we know a good pot pie when we taste it and have compiled a list of Atlanta’s best:

1. Paul’s Pot Pies

A Marietta square staple for over 20 years, Paul’s Pot Pies knows exactly what they are doing. Besides the classic chicken and vegetarian pot pies, Paul’s offers an eclectic menu executed to perfection. Customers can choose from jambalaya, Italian sausage, curry, beef stroganoff, and even a seafood chowder filled pie! Paul’s offers an incredible to-go service and has served over 500,000 pot pies to the lucky folks of Marietta. As a crust connoisseur myself, Paul’s signature flaky and sinful crust is the perfect holiday treat.

pauls pot pie

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2. Panbury’s Double Crust Pies

Although Panbury’s is technically not a pot pie by design, they are still cranking out all of the elements of classic cold-weather comfort. Located in Sweet Auburn Market with a new location opening up in Peachtree Center, Panbury’s has quickly become a favorite in the Atlanta area. Their signature Steak and Stout pie is the best seller and for a good reason. This pie is double crusted and stuffed with a savory and aromatic filling. We are so excited for Panbury’s new location and for being our honorary pot pie purveyors!


3. Star Provisions

Star Provisions, located in on the Westside, is one of the best market concepts to come out of our city in years. All of their meats are fresh, their cheeses are creamy, and the pre-made meals are so delicious and convenient as well. With a seasonal menu that changes constantly, Star Provisions is always trying something new! Served “pop tart style”, this pie is one of the richest and mouthwatering dishes they have to offer. When the leaves fall off of the trees and a slight chill is in the air, it’s a tell-tale sign that SP will begin to include their meat pie to their menu and we could not be more excited!

Star Provisions Meat Pie 2015

4. OK Café

OK café is an Atlanta icon and it seems as though all of their food transcends time. My father grew up eating the same delicious southern delicacies that I have and that is truly unique. OK Café is known for many dishes, one of which is their creamy chicken pot pie! The filling is buttery and smooth and filled with huge chunks of chicken and fresh vegetables. The crust is a perfect puff pastry square with the signature OK on top. I am so thrilled to include OK Café on this list and welcome them back after their long-awaited hiatus!


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