Get the Scoop on ATL’s First-Ever Food Truck

If the sight of a restaurant on wheels rolling down the road makes you turn your car around to follow it, then Carson Young is your dude. Carson founded Yumbii in 2010, the first-ever food truck to grace Atlanta. We interviewed this visionary who recently opened a brick & mortar location in Buckhead that’s just as delicious as his ever-popular truck. Keep reading for more scoop!

Sliders from YumbiiYumbii Sliders

AE: How has running a brick and mortar location differed from running a food truck?

CY: “Running a brick and mortar location was always a long-term goal for us, because it means our customers know exactly where to find us, at any time of the day. The larger space also means a larger kitchen, enabling us to play with ingredients and introduce new items on our menu like nachos, rice bowls, and our newly debuted fresh margaritas.”

Exterior of YumbiiPhoto Credit: Yumbii

AE: You all were obviously the first food truck in Atlanta, and it’s safe to say you all started the trend.  How were you inspired to start the first food truck in Atlanta?  How were you able to get your business off the ground and running?

CY: “After visiting Los Angeles and learning about the food truck scene there, I realized it was something I want to bring back to Atlanta. I started researching other food trucks around the country, and saw the demand for quick and easy food options. We started Yumbii in 2010 with our first truck, and our mission was to make easily accessible, globally-inspired food and educate people on how food trucks work. We also had to push for legislative changes in the city to help make that happen, and we are grateful the city embraced that concept and we’ve been growing ever since.”
Lines at Yumbii

Photo Credit: Yumbii

AE: What is the most challenging aspect of having a food truck?

CY: “One of the challenges we originally faced was how to decrease the environmental impact of running multiple trucks. We researched more eco-friendly driving options, and in spring 2016 we introduced our “Super Food Truck,” which is an eco-friendly, low-emissions truck that is clean-idle certified and the first of its kind on the East Coast.”
Super Food Truck

Photo Credit: Yumbii

AE: What led you to focus on a fusion of Mexican and Asian flavors?

CY: “I’ve always loved Mexican and Asian flavors, so I wanted to draw inspiration from those cuisines and traditions when creating Yumbii’s menu. Those flavors also lend themselves really well to street food, which made sense for a food truck because it is relatively easy to make and easy to take on-the-go.”
Beef Taco from Yumbii

Yumbii’s Asian Rib-eye Beef Taco

AE: What is your best-selling dish?

CY: “Our tacos are definitely a favorite. We top them with fresh herbs, our signature Red Asian BBQ sauce, and soy sesame vinaigrette salad.”
Tacos from Yumbii

Yumbii’s Chicken Taco

AE: What is YOUR favorite dish?

CY: “I can’t pick one! My two favorites have to be the sesame fries with Sriracha cheese dip and chipotle ketchup or the Asian Rib-Eye Beef Tacos.”
Sesame Fries from Yumbii

Yumbii’s Sesame fries with Siracha Queso

AE: Can you tell us about the future brick and mortar locations you’re planning to expand to?

CY: “We will be opening additional brick and mortar locations, but details are a secret for now. Stay tuned!”

Interior at YumbiiPhoto Credit: Yumbii

AE: With the new drink program, what are some recommended food & beverage pairings?

CY: “Our freshly squeezed margaritas are designed to pair perfectly with any of our menu options! We’re also offering a line-up of local beers and Spanish wines. Mix and match with a variety of Yumbii dishes – you really can’t go wrong.”
 Food and Drink pairings from Yumbii
Recommended Yumbii food and drink pairings

AE: Are there different margarita flavors?

CY: “We’re looking forward to debuting new margarita flavors throughout the year—like passionfruit margaritas and spicy margaritas with a Korean chili flake rim.”

Margarita from YumbiiYumbii’s Lime Margarita

What’s on your list to try at Yumbii? Let us know below in the comments!

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