Belgian Fries, a Brazilian Bakery and Korean ‘Cue | How We’re World Cupping Today!

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Ok, don’t get us wrong, we like the World Cup. But what we really love is the food! With 32 nations competing to hoist the trophy, we can’t help but think of all the delicious cuisine their fans are eating at home while cheering them on. So, we wanted to get in on the tasty acton. Every day we will bring you  some of the Atlanta restaurants that are cooking up  the specialties of the competing nations. Dig in and enjoy the ride!

Tuesday, June 17

The Match: Belgium vs Algeria

Where We’re Eating: The Fry Guy

Forget French Fries, Belgian Fries are the real thing. So, what better treat to enjoy in honor of the Belgian team during the world cup than a cone overflowing with fried potatoes, topped with aioli? Where do you find this dish from Heaven? Well, all over Atlanta. The Fry Guy food truck has been delivering this treat to our city for a few years, and has a variety of toppings including horseradish mayo and curry ketchup. Find out their location here.

Photo courtesy of The Fry Guy’s Twitter account.

The Match: Brazil vs. Mexico

Where We’re Eating: Brazilian Bakery Cafe

The only bakery serving up Amazonian delicacies, Brazilian Bakery Cafe is where we are heading to stock up during the World Cup. On the savory side of the menu, Coxhina reign supreme. These are traditional Brazilian pastries stuffed with chicken and cheese and fried up until golden and melty and oh so good. On the sugary side, the guava cookies are an addiction waiting to happen.


Brazilian_pastel2.jpgPhoto Courtesy of Wikipedia

The Match: Russia vs. Korean Republic

Where We’re Eating: Honey Pig

Southerners are immensely proud of their BBQ. But Koreans will throw down the gauntlet any time. There are sprinkling of Korean BBQ spots around Atlanta, but our favorite is Honey Pig. Grab some friends and gather around a table with a hot grill sizzling in the middle. You’ll order by types of meat (pork belly, bulgogi, etc.), or you can really step up and tackle the endless meat option which includes 4 varieties. Then you’ll watch as veggies, meat, kimchi and finally rice is cooked right in front of you. It’s not a rare thing to see a single tear of happiness travel down grown men’s cheeks.


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