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Best Places for Out-of-Towners to Go with the Family

Chances are, if you’re a GA or BAMA fan, you have out-of-towners staying with you for the big game. But you’re not going to cook two times as much for this crowd, even if you love them (well, most of them…after all it’s family). Check out five great spots to take the family this week/weekend while they’re here for the big game.

The Cheesesteak at Fred’s Meat and Bread

If you’re doing some touristy stuff with your clan, there’s a good chance you’ll be heading to Krog Street Market. If you do, you can never fail stopping by Fred’s for the cheesesteak. It’s got delicious, fresh baked bread, perfectly cooked onions, gooey cheese and quality steak. Plus, if anyone is Cheesesteak-averse/paleo/gluten free/trying hard to be good in the new year, there are tons of great options at Krog.

Rosati’s Deep Dish Pizza

Staying with folks in the Sandy Springs/Dunwoody/Brookhaven area? Head to Rosati’s for a Chicago Style pizza so thick, the whole family will be full. Plus, they’ve got a great selection of beers and tons of TV for sports, so you can watch other sports (see: NFL Playoffs/Falcons) and keep track of all the action if you’re a “gaming” enthusiast.

Citrus Brined Beer Can Chicken at Porchlight Latin Kitchen

One of our favorites for authentic, Puerto Rican food anywhere, Porchlight Latin Kitchen has a beer-can-chicken brined with citrus that will have you saying, “Ay Mami!”. Did you know that Puerto Rico has a native beer called Medalla, which translates to Medallion. It’s hard to get on the mainland, but we’re guessing that’s how they learned to brine their chicken (and toss back a few, too). It’s a medal winner.

Lamb Chops at Restaurant 356 at the Porsche Experience Center

If you’re picking family up by the airport, stop by Restaurant 356 on the way home. If you have the scratch, you could even do some racing on the Porsche Experience Center test track. But the view and the food at Restaurant 356 alone are worth heading there. We tried the Lamb. (Brick Tamland voice) We love lamb!

If you’ve got family who loves BBQ or Bourbon or both, head to Twin Smokers. They’ve got a dinosaur sized beef rib that can feed a whole family (or one Fred Flintstone). Plus it’s by the stadium so you can scout out your Tailgate spot.

The Dinosaur Beef Rib at Twin Smokers
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