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Slurp’s Up! 11 of Atlanta’s Most Craveworthy Ramen Spots

Editor’s Note: This article was originally written in 2019 and last updated October 21, 2022.

There’s nothing better than a piping hot bowl of noodles when you’re in the mood for some savory carbs, and these spots have some of the best ramen in Atlanta! Keep reading for our updated recommendations on where to get your slurp on today. List is in alphabetical order. 



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1. E Ramen

For great ramen in Midtown, check out E Ramen! The lobster ramen is a fun splurge if you want to spend a little extra for luxury, and there are plenty of yummy small plates from gyoza to chicken karage to choose from as well. The interiors are clean and modern, and the service is great. But what we may love most is their happy hour deal! Their cocktails are 40% off and come in at around $8 each. You can’t beat that! 


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2. Ginya Izakaya

This West Midtown spot is a total gem right off of Northside Drive. “Izakaya” means Japanese pub, or a casual place for drinks and snacks that’s perfect for a weekday meal.   Their sukiyaki is terribly addicting, and their ramen broth is plenty flavorful


Hotto Hotto Sushi & Ramen - Assorted Dishes
Hotto Hotto Sushi & Ramen – Assorted Dishes

3. Hotto Hotto Ramen & Tepanyaki

Hotto Hotto Ramen & Tepanyaki is a labor of love from husband and wife duo Angelo and Alice.  The interiors are airy and spacious, and special attention is paid to their broth, stewed from scratch for over 10 hours. They’ve also got a great outdoor bar that’s super inviting to sit up at and enjoy great weather!


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Slow simmered broths, heaping portions of perfectly cooked noodles, and a spicy vegan option that’s got a soy based broth that’s off-the-charts good make us come back to Jinya time and time again. Their spicy chicken ramen is their best seller, but you can’t go wrong with any of the 13 flavor combinations on the menu. Feeling extra hungry? Get an extra portion of noodles and take your broth to go. Be sure to also sample their other offerings, like their truffle oil fried brussel sprouts and their pork JINYA bun!

KinNoTori Ramen Bar - Assorted Dishes | Photo:
KinNoTori Ramen Bar – Assorted Dishes | Photo:

5. KinNoTori Ramen Bar

This cozy little ramen spot opened up earlier this year right near Ponce City Market. Their speciality is their chicken broth ramen, which they serve instead of pork broth and chashu. There’s also vegan broth options. There’s also plenty of baos to choose from as well as karaage, a type of Japanese fried chicken, and takoyaki, a super tasty fried octopus ball. Dine-in, pick-up, or delivery available. 



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6. Lanzhou Ramen

This Buford Highway spot is the authentic and easy-on-the-budget meal you’ve been looking for. Lan Zhou doesn’t have the ramen bowls you’re used to, but their hand-pulled and knife cut ramen noodle dishes are all outstanding. The best part is getting to watch them make the noodles right in front of your eyes! Pro-tip: don’t skip out on their pan-fried dumplings either!

Lifting Noodles - Ramen
Lifting Noodles – Ramen

7. Lifting Noodles

Lifting Noodles is a solid ramen spot with locations in East Atlanta Village and the PH’EAST food court in the Battery. Their Angry Zuko and Spicy Seafood Ramen’s are perfect for spice lovers, or you can always build you own. Head to the PH’EAST location by the Battery to enjoy the outdoor seating and to grab a Kung Fu Tea bubble tea or some other goodies from the other vendors! 


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8. Momonoki

Momonoki is a real treasure in Midtown. When it’s extra hot out, you can still get your ramen fix with their brothless ramen option.  Don’t miss out on their bakery either, the Momo Cafe, with beautiful Japanese-style treats like a strawberry matcha millefeuille and matcha cookies and brownies as well as Japanese influenced brunch offerings like matcha French Toast and karaage Fried Chicken and Waffles on the weekends. Really starving? Go for their XL ramen portion that’ll super satisfy any appetite.


Okiboru Tsukemen & Ramen | Photo:
Okiboru Tsukemen & Ramen | Photo:

9. Okiboru Ramen

Okiboru is a new addition to the Sandy Springs dining scene, but their famed ramen has made awards lists everywhere and even been recognized by the Michelin guidebook. Give their tonkotsu black ramen a try, and don’t skip out on their garlic nori fries. Open for dine-in and delivery!

10. Wagamama

This much buzzed about international restaurant chain with roots in London puts a bit of a twist on ramen with unctuous additions like a big hunk of tender short rib and grilled duck. Aside from ramen, they also have irresistible items like bao buns and duck curries. If you’re a ramen purist, this may not be the spot for you, but they are worth a try if you like a bit of flair to your meal! 

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11. Wagaya

Find this cozy little spot in West Midtown and Emory. This place gets an “A” for its classic ramen dishes like red tonkotsu black and black tonkotsu ramen, but an “A+” overall for just being a super solid, affordable price for all things savory and Japanese. You’ll love their Ishiyaki Chashu Fried Rice that’s served piping hot in a stone bowl, and their tonkotsu, and their Treasure Box “Tamate Bako” that’s smoky perfection.


Yakitori Jinbei - Okonomiyaki | Photo:
Yakitori Jinbei – Okonomiyaki | Photo:

12. Yakitori Jinbei

This Smyrna gem brings together both Korean and Japanese favorites. The Naruto Ramen is a bit of a twist than your usual ramen dishes, combining pork and chicken broth with a naruto fish cake and spicy minced pork. Something else you don’t want to miss it their okonomiyaki, a popular Japanese street food that’s an eggy Japanese pancake with a tangy, umami filled Okonomiyaki sauce, mayonnaise, and bonito flakes.

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