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The Best Restaurants in Savannah and Tybee Island

Time for the elephant in the room: Savannah and Tybee Island are not in the Atlanta area. 

But ask around and chances are most of the people you encounter have been to one or the other more than once. They probably even have plans to go back.

Savannah and Atlanta are actually connected in several ways. For one, Savannah was Georgia’s original capital (then it meandered to Augusta then Savannah again then Louisville then Milledgeville) before Atlanta took the title. Plus, they’re two of Georgia’s most populous cities, both mixing the historic with the modern.

There’s a lot to love about Atlanta, but our beach access is not one of them (unless you count our many man-made lakes, but they just don’t hit the same). That’s where Tybee Island enters the fray. An under four-hour drive is all that separates us from basking in the sun and island vibes of Tybee. 

You can spend hours hanging on River Street or on the North Beach Boardwalk, but you’re eventually going to build up an appetite.

Here are some of our favorite restaurants in Savannah and Tybee Island.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published March 20, 2023 and last updated May 25, 2023.


Duck pastrami and potato pancake topped with poached egg and whole grain mustard
Duck Pastrami | The Grey | Photo Credit: Living the Dream

The Grey

It’s difficult to tell Savannah’s food story without mentioning The Grey. Entire books have been written about it and it was the setting of an episode of Chef’s Table

This passion project between John O. Morisano and Chef Mashama Bailey offers two options: the old-school menu and the modern brunch. The former rotates based on the seasons but some current options are Raw Oysters, Pork Pate, and Oxtail Pot Roast. The latter is tighter with options like Fried Chicken & Hoe Cakes and Duck Pastrami.

Crystal Beer Parlor

Crystal Beer Parlor, or The Crystal, has been Savannah’s favorite spot to grab a drink ever since the repeal of Prohibition. The fact that their food is exceptional is the cherry on top.

Start off with the Giant Pretzel served with smoked gouda “local beer” cheese and whole grain mustard or the Creamy Blue Crab Dip. Then treat yourself to one of their droolworthy burgers or maybe the Shrimp and Grits. And close out strong with the Georgia Peach Cobbler or the legendary Fried Pound Cake, battered and deep fried then served with vanilla ice cream and your choice of sauce.


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Auspicious Baking Co

The only thing better than the smell of fresh-baked goods is the taste of fresh-baked goods.

It doesn’t matter what that good is because Auspicious nails every one. The cinnamon rolls, homemade pop tarts, and crackers are just a few of the menu mainstays that you need to try. They especially ace the test when it comes to croissants, offering varieties such as Ham-Cheddar, Everything, and Pepper Jelly, Cream, Cheese, and Scallion. They also have plenty of vegan options if you have a plant-based sweet tooth.

Communal dinner table with crowd sitting around it eating and drinking
Communal tables | Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room | Photo Credit: Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room

Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room

Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room has been family-owned since 1943 and when you’re there, you’re part of the family. That’s why they have communal tables…southern grub is best enjoyed with a crowd. And what is that southern grub? They keep it simple with just four meats – fried chicken, sausage, beef stew, and meat loaf – and then just about every veggie you can think of. 

As a bonus, you can stay in the Wilkes House, located right above the dining room. You’re gonna love the smell of fried chicken in the morning! 

Tacos with carnitas, cilantro, and onion with lime wedges
Carnitas Tacos | Bull Street Taco | Photo Credit: Bull Street Taco

Bull Street Taco

At Bull Street, it’s always taco time! The classic combo includes 3 tacos (we recommend Carnitas, Chorizo, and Red Chile Tempura Cauliflower) on organic handmade tortillas from Mitla, Savannah’s local tortilleria and your choice of side. 

If you’re not in a taco mood (and you have our condolences), you have plenty of fantastic options, like the Tuna Poke Salad, served with smashed avocado, cabbage, pineapple, radish, basil crema, and miso dressing. And the table will definitely not complain if you get the Loaded Guacamole Bowl, topped with toasted pistachios. 

Several dishes on table with two drinks while two women are talking and a firepit is in the background
Ardsley Station | Photo Credit: Ardsley Station

Ardsley Station

Right at the edge of Ardsley Park lies the “neighborhood living room” which welcomes one and all for happy hours, dinners, and especially their weekend brunch.

The menu is small but mighty, with a perfect batting record. They’re best known for The Animal, a homemade biscuit with a sausage patty, pulled pork, an egg, cheese sauce, and fries. If you’re feeling less animalistic, the Crab Cake Benedict is another winner with an IPA mustard hollandaise. And to keep things classic, the B’s & G’s are biscuits with bourbon sausage gravy and eggs. 

The Olde Pink House

Certain places are “touristy” for a reason. The Olde Pink House is indeed an old pink house, a mansion built in 1771 which serves classic Southern cuisine with piano accompaniment.

A few can’t-miss options are the Crispy Scored Flounder (with apricot shallot sauce, creamy grits, and collards), Grilled Pork Tenderloin (with bourbon molasses, collards, and sweet potato with pecan vanilla butter), or the light-but-not-really “BLT” Salad, with fried green tomatoes, bacon, and black pepper thyme buttermilk dressing. 

As an additional incentive to visit, it’s allegedly haunted. Diners have claimed that they were seated by a ghost (a man in a uniform who allegedly built the house for his fiancee who left him while away at war). Whether you believe it or not, why not go and experience it yourself?


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Spanky’s Pizza Galley & Saloon

Spanky’s claims to have created the original chicken finger, citing a U.S. Congressional Record as verification (I couldn’t find anything on this but I’m going to take their word). Whether they indeed invented it or not, they certainly make a perfect chicken finger, not to mention the finest Spuds (“potatoes sliced round, hand battered and deep fried with Spanky’s original batter”) you’ll ever eat.There’s no finer drunk food in all of Savannah than Spanky’s…make sure you get plenty of their Famous Honey Horseradish Sauce.

Meatloaf with potatoes, broccolini, and a cauliflower puree
a.Lure Meatloaf | a.Lure | Photo Credit: a.Lure


a.Lure is “contemporary low country cuisine,” combining the foolproof genre of low-country cooking with fresh seafood and an emphasis on local ingredients. 

This culinary approach is perhaps best exemplified by three dishes which show that the best ingredients yield an impeccable dish: Braised Pork Shank, a.Lure Meatloaf, and Rabbit Ravioli. 


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Alligator Soul

Alligator Soul, located in a former grain warehouse, serves many things well but their real star is (get ready for this) alligator. There’s Alligator Tempura, Alligator Boudin Fritters, Candied Alligator…and that’s not all!

On top of all the different preparations of alligator, they serve other unique game meats like Elk, Kangaroo, Ostrich, and Antelope. Sure, you could get the Ribeye or the Brunswick Gumbo and be very satisfied, but why not walk on the wild side?

Sizzling pan of bone-in chicken and veggies
Tandoori Chicken | Namaste | Photo Credit: Namaste


If you’ve never eaten Nepalese food, Namaste is as good a starting point as you could want. 

The Traditional Nepalese Curry Bowl is a great start. Opt for the goat if you’re feeling bold, and make sure you get plenty of Cheese Garlic Naan to sop things up. There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options as well, so all palates will be pleased.


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The Public Kitchen & Bar

The Public believes that high-quality food shouldn’t be reserved for “fine dining.” That’s why they unleash gourmet ingredients in fabulous ways in an utterly stylish environment.

Just look at two of their burgers: the Avocado Smash Burger, with bacon, cheddar, avocado, lettuce, fried egg, and roasted garlic aioli; and the Public Burger, with grilled mushrooms, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato, provolone, and horseradish crème. No fancy ingredients, just a whole lot of goodness. They’re also well known for their Savannah Shrimp & Grits and Pork Confit (a sourdough sandwich topped with chopped slow-cooked pork, provolone, pickled onion, lettuce, and truffle citrus vinaigrette).

Cuban platter featuring shredded beef, roasted pork, beans, plantains, and green garnish on top
Plato Mixto | Rancho Alegre Cuban Restaurant | Photo Credit: Rancho Alegre

Rancho Alegre Cuban Restaurant

Rancho Alegre is a traditional Cuban eatery serving all your favorites. 

Start off strong with the Cuban Sampler: Chicharritas (plantain chips), croquetas (ham croquettes), empanada, and papa rellena (potato ball stuffed with beef). That makes narrowing down your order that much easier. For your main (unless you took on the sampler 1v1), check out the Pargo Frito – a whole 2-3 lbs scored and deep-fried red snapper – or the Boliche, a Cuban-style slow-cooked pot roast. At this point we probably don’t need to persuade you, but don’t forget the Red Sangria, Margarita, or Mojito.

Multi-layered candy bar with caramel, shortbread, chocolate, creme fraiche, and more
Candy Bars | Cotton & Rye | Photo Credit: Cotton & Rye

Cotton and Rye

We all love going to the bank, right? Well when it’s renovated as a new age gastrobar, it’s actually exciting. You can even sit in the old 1950s-era bank vault!

They’ve got southern gastropub staples done right, like Shrimp and Grits and Buttermilk Rye Cornbread with Rosemary and Burnt Honey Butter. They also offer more elevated fare, such as Spicy Pork Ragu and that day’s Market Fish, with rice, tasso ham, calabrian chili, smoked tomato, and grain mustard butter. End your meal right with their famous made-from-scratch Candy Bars, with shortbread, caramel, chocolate, and whipped crème fraiche.


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The Wyld Dock Bar

The Wyld Dock Bar sits right on the water, equipped with its own dock so you can taxi right up from the water and have your drink ready in no time. 

The menu changes seasonally but you can always count on their simple yet stunning Succotash, the hearty but not heavy Crab Chowder, and the freshest Roasted Garlic Butter Oysters you’ve ever had.

Cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, onion, bacon, pickles, and a side of fries
Green Truck Classic | Green Truck Neighborhood Pub | Photo Credit: Green Truck

Green Truck Neighborhood Pub

For the best burgers in Savannah, look no further than Green Truck. 

You can’t go wrong with any of them, but the Trailer Park is the people pleaser, topped with pimento cheese, bacon, LTO, and their house-made pickles. Their homemade veggie patty is so good that even meat eaters would enjoy it. 


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Treylor Park

Treylor Park embraces its retro aesthetic by serving up creative versions of southern staples. 

For example, you could get fries…or you could get Avocado Fries with a chili aioli or Fried Banana Pepper Rings. Instead of a PB&J or buffalo wings you can get their PB&J Chicken Wings, tossed in a pecan/peanut butter sauce with a peach jam dipping sauce. And how about instead of chicken and waffles, you get the Chicken & Pancake Tacos: peppered pancakes filled with fried chicken, chili aioli, and strawberry salsa.

Six bear claw desserts
Bear Claws | River Street Sweets | Photo Credit: River Street Sweets

River Street Sweets

If the smell from the street doesn’t win you over, one step inside surely will. River Street Sweets is like a Willy Wonka fever dream, where you can watch them make pralines, fudge, saltwater taffy, and more sweet treats. You can even score some free samples and at that point, good luck not leaving with a full bag. You can also order things online and have them shipped, so you can enjoy your bear claws whether you’re in Savannah or not.

Tybee Island:

Pizza split into four quadrants: Mexican, Hawaiian, white, and extra spicy
Pizza | Huc-A-Poos | Photo Credit: Joey Weiss

Huc-A-Poos Bites and Booze

It’s impossible to describe what a visit to Huc-A-Poos truly entails. 

But the pizza. Oh the pizza! There’s no better slice anywhere on the island, putting New York to shame. The best part is you can split your pies four-ways so you and your group don’t need to negotiate what to order. One pizza alone can include the wickedly spicy Hot Tamale, the Mexican-inspired Federale, the tart and salty Team Banana, and the controversial Miko Miko (with ham & pineapple). And that’s just what I got last time! You can always count on a crisp pint or pitcher of beer, and everything is fairly priced (maybe even the cheapest *insert any menu item here* on the island) and served by the most welcoming and eccentric team you can imagine. You’re immediately welcomed as a member of the family

Iced coffee drink held up to sign saying "Tybean"
Tybean Art & Coffee Bar | Photo Credit: Joey Weiss

Tybean Art & Coffee Bar

Right next to Huc-A-Poos is the island’s go-to coffee shop. Tybean has a drink for you, no matter the season, from the classic espresso drinks to their three different types of cold brew. Add in some smoothies and scones and you’ll be all set.

Plus, you might get lucky and come across Bean the Cat, depending on how social she’s feeling.

Fried shrimp platter with hush puppies, mashed potatoes, and green beans
Fried Shrimp Dinner | A-J’s Dockside | Photo Credit: Joey Weiss

A-J’s Dockside Restaurant

If you’re hoping to enjoy the sunset from the island while munching on fresh seafood, there’s no better spot for all of the above than A-J’s.

The phenomenal Crispy Scored Flounder is fried and glazed with sweet chili. If you’re feeling more handheld, the Po Boy Sandwiches are available with your choice of fried oysters, fried flounder, shrimp (fried, grilled, or blackened), or mahi (grilled or blackened). To become one with the ocean, you can get a pound of Snow Crab Legs, or maybe opt for their famous Conch Fritters served with remoulade. It’s also called “dockside” for a reason…you can dock your boat and enter via the marsh!

Ham, toast, cheese grits, and fried egg
Country ham, grits, fried egg, and toast | Breakfast Club | Photo Credit: Joey Weiss

Breakfast Club

Every beach town deserves a diner like this. There’s a reason owner Jodee Sadowsky cooked for John F. Kennedy Jr.’s wedding party!

There’s no single item to cite to point at the quality of the restaurant…and isn’t that how true diners should be? Every item on the broad menu is comforting and hits the spot. My personal favorites are the grits, homemade breakfast sausage, burger, and waffles. And make sure you get there early, because the line (outside, never inside) can get long but the wait just makes your meal that much better.

Customers dining in patio with firepit and live music in background
Cockspur Grill | Photo Credit: Cockspur Grill

Cockspur Grill

Cockspur Grill opened right in the summer of 2020, perhaps the single most challenging season for the restaurant industry. Yet the Tybee community immediately welcomed it and today it feels like it has been open for decades. There’s live music, trivia, and more to bring folks in and keep them coming back. The food is the cherry on top, with Fish Tacos that taste like they were caught that day, hearty and succulent Shrimp & Crab Nachos, and lots more that won’t let you down.


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Sea Wolf

Oysters…hot dogs…fancy cocktails…any questions?

They have a wide selection of oysters and different variations of hot dogs, from Wagyu to Impossible (vegan). One of the tastiest bites anywhere on Tybee is The Glizzy, with chili, cheddar curds, chorizo crema, pickled onions, and cilantro. These options and the drink specials are constantly changing, but just know you’ll be in good hands no matter what you get.

Blue yogurt bowl topped with bananas, strawberries, kiwis, cacao nibs, and slivered almonds with a pink flower
Blue Spirulina Bowl | Mi Vida | Photo Credit: Joey Weiss

Mi Vida

When you think of beach town grub, you probably don’t envision superfoods, acai bowls, and other hearty and wholesome dishes, but Mi Vida is here to change that. While it may be attached to a gas station, it serves up a fresh and tasty series of dishes both sweet and savory, along with a coffee and espresso bar. Check out the Blue Spirulina Bowl with a mango, pineapple, and blue spirulina base, and topped with bananas, strawberries, kiwis, cacao nibs, and almonds. Or go for the more classic breakfast and enjoy the Bocadillo Toast with serrano ham, manchego cheese, tomatoes, and microgreens. You’ll be feeling extra fit in that bathing suit after this!
Korean food platter including bulgogi, spicy pork, and various snacks and garnishes
Bulgogi and Spicy Pork Tray | Tybee Bakery Featuring Cafe Miss Korea | Photo Credit: Yelp

The Tybee Bakery Featuring Cafe Miss Korea

If you want the best apple pie you’ll ever eat alongside the best bibimbap, you can get them from the same place! Located in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it spot right off the road, simply walk in and trust their expertise to guide your order.

Sliced tuna with onion straws and a copper mug in the background
Sweet & Spicy Pistachio Crusted Tuna | Sundae Cafe | Photo Credit: Sundae Cafe

Sundae Cafe

This former ice cream parlor turned restaurant (hence the name) has you covered five days a week with lunch and dinner and just dinner on Saturdays. 

Some of the menu highlights are the Southern Oysters Rockefeller (with tasso ham, local shrimp, bacon, creamed collards, and parmesan), Sweet & Spicy Pistachio Crusted Tuna (with a ponzu citrus glaze and wasabi aioli), and their eclectic but excellent Buttermilk Biscuit Bleu Cheese Bread Pudding.

Tuna tacos with slaw
Blackened Mahi Tacos | Fannie’s on the Beach | Photo Credit: Joey Weiss

Fannie’s on the Beach

Sitting right across the beach, Fannie’s takes all the classic beach day foods and elevates them with the freshest ingredients and friendliest staff.

They have gourmet pizzas (like Shrimp & Bacon), Nacho Fannies, Coconut Shrimp (with pina colada dip), Fannie’s Turf-N-Surf (a rack of ribs and half pound of peel-n-eat shrimp), and a wide array of massive frozen cocktails.

Tostada topped with guacamole, shrimp, pico, greens, and a drizzle of white crema
Tostada | Chamacos Tacos & Surf | Photo Credit: Chamacos

Chamacos Tacos & Surf

A taco joint with a surf aesthetic…how much more Tybee does it get? 

In addition to authentic Mexican-style street tacos, available with Carnitas, Picadilla, Baja Fish, and more, you can dig into the Chip Sampler (housemade tortilla chips with salsa, guac, and queso), Tostada (topped with guac, salsa, cilantro-lime crema, white sauce, cilantro, tajin, and micro greens), and the favorite drink of this cuisine: a Margarita.

Close-up of turkey sub with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and mayo
Cajun Turkey Sub | Tybee Market IGA | Photo Credit: Joey Weiss

Tybee Market IGA

Is it controversial to add a grocery store to this list? Just ask any Philadelphian about Wawa hoagies or Floridian about Pub Subs because IGA holds the same authority with the strongest sandwich on the island. 

It’s hard to plan a better beach day than grabbing an IGA sub, your favorite chips, and a six pack of whatever you’re craving. Their fried chicken and biscuits are also top-notch. If you’re more of a homebody, you can pick up some fresh shrimp or other things to sit back, relax, and feast.

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