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Where to Find the Best Tater Tots in Atlanta

Are french fries overrated? Many are asking.

Whatever your favorite fried spud might be, tater tots are a bar food staple. Some places serve them with a sauce, some drown them in cheese, some cover them with bacon, and some big thinkers do all of the above.

Here are a few of the best spots in town to get your tater tot on.

Buffalo totchos from The Nook
Buffalo Totchos | The Nook | Photo Credit:

Totchos from The Nook

Whether you’re at The Nook for trivia or just a weekend brunch, you can’t go wrong with their Totchos ® (they alternate between using ® and ™ on the menu so I’m not sure if they actually are registered or trademarked at all but I’m not in the business of being sued). The Totchos are a thing of legend: part tots, part nachos, fully delicious. These smothered spuds are available in several splendid configurations, such as Buffalo (topped with grilled chicken, buffalo sauce, scallions, and bleu cheese crumbles and dressing), Mac Daddy (mac n’ cheese, beef chili, and shredded cheese), and Redneck (house-smoked pulled pork, Coca Cola BBQ sauce, cheese sauce, and jalapeños). Additionally, all totcho orders currently benefit The Giving Kitchen, so you can do good while eating good.


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Disco Taters from The Vortex

With a slogan like “like an orgy for your tastebuds” what’s not to like? The Vortex is one of the most notorious restaurants in Atlanta for their bar scene, beer selection, and food that cuts right to the core of what we all love about bar food. They have funky burgers (my personal favorite is the Ka’Mana Wa’na Lei’ya served on Texas toast with chipotle cream cheese, bacon, and spicy pineapple jalapeno jelly) and other creative sandwiches, but we all know bar food is about the deep fried potatoes. The Vortex’s take on poutine is Disco Taters, a plate of tots topped with sausage gravy, shredded cheese, and crumbled bacon bits. Once you polish these off, you’ll be ready for a long night of debauchery at The Vortex.

Hot dog and tater tots from Red's Beer Garden
Hot dog and tater tots | Red’s Beer Garden | Photo Credit: Red’s Beer Garden

Tater Tots from Red’s Beer Garden

All the food at Red’s is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, offering a tight lineup of favorites like hot dogs and nachos, but their tots are tried and true. There’s nothing fancy to them…just hot and crispy and served with either ketchup or their tangy and tasty Red’s Sauce. Or maybe both. Scratch that…definitely both. If you’re ready to get extra wild, you can add chili, cheese, bacon, pulled pork…whatever tickles your fancy.

Chili and cheese tots from Lucky's Burger and Brew
Chili Cheese Tots | Lucky’s Burger and Brew

Chili Cheese Tots from Lucky’s Burger and Brew

Everything at Lucky’s Burger and Brew warms the heart: the dog-friendly patio, the friendly neighborhood hangout vibes, and the simple but well-executed grub. While they’re known for their phenomenal burgers and flavorful wings, the Chili Cheese Tots are not to be overlooked. Smothered with chili, jalapenos, cheddar, and sour cream, every bite is guaranteed to please.

Tater tots from Community Burger
Handmade Tater Tots | Community Burger

Handmade Tater Tots from Community Burger

Community Burger recently joined the Canton food scene with a boom. Not only is their rotating burger list full of winners, but their sides are equally deserving of their spot on the plate. The fries and onion rings are strong, but their Handmade Tater Tots are like no tot you’ve ever had. They’re tidy squares, hitting like mini hash browns with that perfect balance of crunchy and moist. Another great part of eating at Community Burger is their My Community Matters program: each quarter they give to three local philanthropies and you get to contribute with your order.

Cheesy tater tots from Hooters
Lots-A-Tots | Hooters | Photo Credit: Hooters

Lots-A-Tots from Hooters

Michael Scott’s favorite hangout spot is about the holistic experience: the TVs at every vantage point, the friendly staff, and the no-frills bar food. While they’ve made it big because of their wings, they have a stacked roster of other tasty staples. Their Lots-A-Tots earns its name by featuring lots of tater tots covered with bacon, cheese, sour cream, and green onions. They’re not reinventing the wheel with the toppings, but they’re sure making it tasty.

Tater tots with dipping sauce from NFA Burger
Sassy Tots | NFA Burger

Sassy Tots from NFA Burger

NFA Burger, home of Dunwoody’s finest burger, is located inside a Chevron station. Sometimes the greatest meals come in the most unassuming packages. Their smash burgers are things of legend, but the Sassy Tots are equally dreamy. They’re deep fried in a blend of canola oil and beef tallow (AKA what McDonald’s fries used to be cooked in in their heyday) and served with their proprietary Sassy Sauce. What is Sassy Sauce? Only one way to find out…

Baos and tater tots from Suzy Siu's Baos
Togarashi Tater Tots | Suzy Siu’s Baos | Photo Credit: Yelp

Togarashi Tater Tots from Suzy Siu’s Baos

When you think of Japanese cuisine, don’t you think of tater tots? While it might be a surprising thing to see on the menu, as soon as you take a bite it’ll all make sense. Suzy Siu’s is one of the highlights of the consistently solid Krog Street Market, with deeply flavorful ramen and classic and unique versions of bao. The Togarashi Tater Tots are a fitting accompaniment to the rest of the menu. They’re topped with a sweet Japanese mayo and togarashi spice, which is a common Japanese condiment containing Korean chile, orange peel, seaweed, ginger, poppy seeds, and sesame seeds. It’s an eclectic combination of tastes but it comes together in beautiful gastronomical harmony.

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