Best Things We Ate Last Week


One could say it’s always a feeding frenzy at Atlanta Eats’ HQ, but to us, it’s just another hard day at work. We’re showcasing the best things we ate last week to give you some food inspiration for the week ahead. Check out AtlantaEatsTV on InstagramFacebook and Twitter for a constant stream of food porn if this post doesn’t quite cure your fix.

Zino Sauce Crablegs from Benzino’s Crab Trap (Midtown) 

Tasty crab legs are hard to find when you aren’t on the coast, but lucky for you we found the “Crab-Tastic” legs right in Midtown. Owner Benzino brought delicious Boston flavors here to the ATL, and we are far from crabby about it! This bucket of yumminess has steamed snow crab legs smothered in Zino Sauce, which is a banging blend of Asian and Cajun seasonings. The legs come with crunchy corn on the cob and mouth-watering rosemary garlic potatoes. Your tummy will be as full as this bucket when you’re done downing this dish and trust us, you won’t regret it!

Charbroiled Wings from Rize Artisan Pizza + Salads (Poncey-Highland & Sandy Springs)

Rize Artisan Pizza + Salads has changed the wing game by not frying their wings, but instead grilling them on a rack over piping hot charcoals! The result? Imagine blending your favorite rotisserie chicken and fried wings for the ultimate treat! These babes are slow cooked to render out all the fat and make the skin crispy, then finished on the grill for a great chargrilled, smokey taste. Cilantro is used for garnishing, and a fresh ginger-honey sauce comes on the side for dipping, which adds a sweet, tangy flavor. Although this dish is considered a small plate at Rize, it does nothing but offer BIG flavor and is an awesome way to start your meal here! We also are BIG fans of the artisan pizza spot’s Waverly Pizza (think a charcuterie board on a pizza!) and the refreshing sangria.

Sesame Fries from Takorea (Midtown)

We didn’t know such sexy fries existed until Takorea delighted us with their Seasame Fries. This Asian spin on an American classic is more addictive than we even thought possible! The perfectly cut potato slices are tossed in a sensational sesame oil and sweet & spicy seasoning, then fried to ideal crispiness. Served as a basket sized portion with a side of house made chipotle ketchup so good that we wish we could buy by the bottle, this dish is a MUST when you head to this Korean-Mexican fusion spot. If filling up on a side of fries is wrong, trust us…we don’t wanna be right.

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