Getting Our Buzz For National Caffeine Month

Did you know it’s National Caffeine Month? To celebrate, we reached out to our official yoga and meditation gym Atmasphere Transformation Lab to get the low down on the cups of joe they drink. Anne-Marie Berte, Operations Manager at Atmasphere & also a Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach, gave us the skinny on what’s in her team’s mugs.

***The below is written by guest blogger Anne-Marie Berte with Atmasphere Transformation Lab, Atlanta Eats’ official yoga and lifestyle studio***

Being that it is National Caffeine Month, we decided to share the types of coffee and caffeine we consume over at Atmasphere. While we are health nuts, we DO drink & carry coffee, Bulletproof Coffee to be exact, & many of us subscribe to the Bulletproof diet and lifestyle. 

Lifestyle Manager Howie Duffin says Bulletproof coffee allows him to have a consistent energy + mental clairty, ultimately clearing the “foggy” feeling in the morning that he found to be mostly from the food consumed the previous day.

He has been making the coffee each morning and finds that it sustains him until the afternoon hours! See his recipe below. Atmasphere encourages hydration by way of alkaline water first and foremost, and also offers a variety of organic teas to tie into the 5 senses and the taste sensory. Caffeine can be dehydrating, especially when exercising and partaking in heated yoga classes, so make sure you hydrate first!

You can find Bulletproof products, including the coffee at Atmasphere, here. Members get 20% off of Bulletproof Coffee for the first month of their membership, and the studio sells the Original flavor (Ground & Whole bean) for $19.20, The Mentalist & French Kick flavor (Ground & Whole bean) for $19.95, and decaf for $19.70.

Howie’s Bulletproof Recipe

•Steep the Bulletproof coffee using a French press and 200° water

•Pour the coffee into a blender

•Add a tablespoon of grass fed butter (Kerry gold unsalted is his favorite)

•Add 1 tablespoon of Brain Octane Oil (this is also under the Bulletproof brand)

•Add a scoop of Collagen Protein (also under the Bulletproof brand)

•Blend for 20 seconds, and then drink your amazing coffee!

In addition to trying Bulletproof, we encourage you to check out a complimentary class at Atmasphere or take advantage of their one week of transform for $30 unlimited classes!!

If you’re interested in learning more about Atmasphere, email Anne-Marie here or give her a call at 678-718-2126.

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