The Cake Boss Is Sweetening Up ATL!

In case you missed it, history was made this past Saturday in the ATL foodie world! Buddy Valastro, aka The Cake Boss and star of TLC’s hit series dedicated to his legendary dessert shop Carlos Bakery, opened a store at Perimeter Mall right here in the A. Buddy chatted with me this past Friday about his new location and all the goodies that we can look forward to indulging in. I also had the chance to meet his family members that helped make this new shop a reality and tasted one of his famous lobster tails, which was such a party in my mouth!

Atlanta Eats: How was Atlanta chosen as a city to expand to?

Buddy: “Well I gotta tell you every time I come to Atlanta the people here just make me feel at home and loved. You know everybody said, ‘When are you gonna open a bakery down south?’ and I said I gotta do it and, ya know, the opportunity came up. We thought that Perimeter Mall was gonna be a great location for us and we’re excited to hangout and meet the people and give a little taste of Hoboken here in Atlanta.”

Atlanta Eats: Is the Atlanta Shop going to have a particular focus to it? Are you guys going to specialize in cakes that are so beautiful and delicious that make us forget about I85 collapsing?

Buddy: “Well maybe in an episode of Cake Boss I can almost rebuild the bridge and see if the icing can help. Ya know, honestly we’re just gonna do what we do at all our bakeries. We’re baking everything fresh here on the premises. Ya know, if you’re gonna come down you gotta try the cannolis, the lobster tails, our cupcakes are outta this world. We got so many great things.”

Atlanta Eats: So the official ribbon cutting takes place tomorrow (Saturday, 4/8) at 6:30 AM. How many people are you guys expecting to come out and celebrate?

Buddy: “I don’t know what do you think Marco how many people are gonna come?”

Marco (Buddy’s son): “A LOT!”

Buddy: “A LOT! This is my son Marco and he usually comes to the openings with me cause he’s a great worker. How many cannolis did you fill last time?”

Marco: “300!”

Buddy: “So right now we’ve got our signature pastry inside the oven which is our lobster tail and if you notice they’re gonna start out that size (small) and then when they come out this is what they look like (size of my forearm). So that is our Oreo/cookies and crème and this is our salted caramel. They look good you gotta taste one and tell me what you think. Everybody always ask me ‘what’s your favorite pastry?’ Out of everything that we make this is my favorite one. If I was going to the electric chair I would have to eat one of these, this would be the last one. And here are some of our cookies: we have our Amaretti, our Pignoli cookies, our cookie trays, and since today is a soft opening so we don’t have all the products out today for the people to get used to working, but we have our pecan danish, cheese danish, our cupcakes are to die for, cookies, and then of course our lobster tails, red velvet, cheesecake all that good stuff.”

Atlanta Eats: Anything in particular that you guys are bringing to the South that’s gonna be different?

Buddy: “I mean I don’t know how many people are doing cannolis or lobster tails or kinda putting our spin on what we do best I think here in Atlanta. So we’re trying to bring a taste of that and we just want people here to know how excited I am about coming here to Atlanta. And I can’t wait to see the fans tomorrow. Bring the kids, bring the whole family. It’s gonna be a huge, great event. We’re gonna have a DJ, we’ll be having cake, we’re gonna have a great time tomorrow. We just can’t wait for you guys to taste a little bit of Hoboken. You know, we’re trying to bring my father’s dream all over America and we’re so excited to be here in Atlanta. For me personally I just can’t wait to meet the fans, take pictures, hang out. We’re gonna have a great time, you know, I really, really love my fans.”

Catch the full Facebook Live we did with Buddy and his crew here, and let us know which delicious dessert you’re going to try first from Atlanta’s new Cake Boss Bakery below in the comments!

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