Celebrating Queen Anne And Her World Famous Burger

Queen Ann

It seems that everyone has a memory of ‘Queen Anne’ , the creator of the world famous Ghetto Burger. From the limited seating to the very strict rules – and her penchant to call you out if you broke one of them, Ann’s Snack Shack has been an Atlanta institution for years.

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Other restauranteurs are also remembering. From April 21 – 26, all locations of FLIP burger boutique in Atlanta will be serving “The Queen Ann” burger in honor of Ann Price (“Ms. Ann”) of the legendary Ann’s Snack Bar who passed away on Saturday. Ann was a true pioneer of the burger in Atlanta, and her “Ghetto Burger” has been called the best burger in America by The Wall Street Journal.

For $11, “The Queen Ann” burger features a FLIP patty topped with beef chilli, mustard, mayo, American cheese, melted onions, tomato, extra-crispy bacon, and iceberg lettuce.

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