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Cheese Me Please!

Aging cheese
Photo by Tom Burke

Hey Cheese Lovers – You know when the waiter says “tell me when” for the freshly grated parmesan on top and you pretty much just wait for their hand to get tired because you can never have too much cheese? January 20th is National Cheese Lovers’ Day and we’re giving you some of the best spots in the city to get your fix. But not in a pricey (and tiny) appetizer charcuterie board, no no – let’s go straight to the source and grab wedges fresh off the wheel that we can eat on our couches at home in PEACE!


Get Familiar at Savi Provisions: With their multiple locations, there’s no reason to not get into this. Savi Provisions features everything from different varieties of blue cheese (who knew!?) to good ol’ Georgian brie. The dedicated cheese monger (like a sommelier but for cheese) will help you find your favorite or try new things! They also make breakfast and lunch options if you wanted to have it all day every day.

Find Your Escape with Tuscany at your Table: As the name implies, this is like bringing an Italian table to you. You can eat spaghetti and meatballs on sight, and take home freshly sliced gouda for dessert. The owner hails from Napoli and their cuisine is fresh and delicious, you wont be disappointed.


Fresh cheese offerings
Photo by Niklas Morberg

Head to Alon’s: This market and bakery brings you the finer things from all over the world. They specialize in gourmet pantry items, but will happily make you a cheese plate to take home and impress your friends. (Or you know, yourself as you sit down to watch the Bachelor)

Wash it down with Wahoo Wine & ProvisionsThis Decatur favorite boast a wine and cheese shop AND a cozy upscale restaurant all under one roof. The provisions side offers expert knowledge on fresh, local cheeses so good you’ll get in the car to kiss the cows and goats that made it. Added bonus, they do free wine tastings on Saturday afternoons!

Grab something special Roswell Provisions: With over 125 domestic and international choices in their market, Roswell Provisions takes the cheese. All of it. The Downtown Roswell location is like a quaint French escape. Wonder around with a cheese expert or get a charcuterie platter to go, or go crazy and do both!


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