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If you’re a commuter in Atlanta, and one that is prone to getting stuck in traffic, you know Jeff Dauler’s voice very well. As a longtime member of The Bert Show, he’s made those drives to work bearable. This author has to admit to sitting in her car  to finish laughing until her face hurt. Between training for triathalons, Instagramming his dog Sadie, and being a national radio star, JEff sat down with us to chat. From where he’s grabbing breakfast to his favorite haunt – this is What’s Eating Jeff Dauler.


What would be your Dream Day of Dining in Atlanta?

Breakfast- anything with pimento cheese at Buttermilk Kitchen or the chicken biscuit. Chops lunch and Atlanta Fish Market for dinner. You start with sushi and then have the special



Ok, time to get controversial. Who’s got the Best Burger?

H&F Burger at Turner Field. Braves and burgers!

Best steak?

The filet at bones.


When you land in my hometown what do you get first?

Syracuse is on a lake, so I’m immediately heading to a lakeside seafood spot  to get some fish and chips.

What’s your go to cocktail and who’s serving it?

locally brewed IPA at Hearth



Growing up, when mom cooked ______ everyone was happy

Dad  always manned the grill and mom made goulash.

If you could have dinner with any 3 dead people you would eat with?

My grandmother, John Lennon,  and an old philosopher to see what they thought the world would be like

Favorite city to eat that’s not Atlanta and where are you going?

My favorite place on the planet is St. Barth’s. It was here that I found a spot called Le Select. This is where the original Cheeseburger in Paradise (yes, the Jimmy Buffet one) is supposed to be served. And the best part? I saw him play on the island one year and he confirmed it!



Favorite brewery

5 Seasons there and Terrapin in store

Best guy’s night out?

Start out at Hearth then let the night take it from there.

Where are you going to close business deals?

Bar at Chops


The place your going to impress out-of-towners.


I send more money at ____ than anywhere else.

You can probably guess by now, but Hearth!



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