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Chili Lime Margarita Recipe


A Chili Lime Margarita recipe just in time for summer! Get your salt and spices mixed, the rim of your glass ready and the lime squeezed – we’re making margaritas. Host Julie Smith avoids the spicier stuff, but mixologist Phil Armijo is going to make her a perfectly balanced drink she’ll love. Make sure you’ve got your El Jimador silver tequila and your angostura bitters ready to go – on the latest episode of The Mix. For more info, go to


4 tsp salt
2 tsp lime zest
1/2 tsp chili powder
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
1.5 oz El Jimador Silver
1 oz simple syrup
3 dashes orange bitters
1/4 serrano chili pepper


Step 1: Mix salt, lime zest, chili powder & cayenne pepper on a plate to make a rim seasoning.
Step 2: Cut the lime wheel and rim glass with lime.
Step 3: Roll glass rim in seasoning.
Step 4: Squeeze 1.5 oz of lime juice into the shaker.
Step 5: Add 1.5 oz El Jimador Silver Tequila into the shaker. Shake martini shaker vigorously.
Step 6: Add 1 oz simple syrup into the shaker. 
Step 7: Add 3 dashes of orange bitters into the shaker.
Step 8: Quarter 1 Serrano Chili Pepper and drop into the shaker.
Step 9: Shake vigorously. 
Step 10: Pour over ice and enjoy.

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