Chocolate, Crepes, and Bosnian Food? How We’re World Cupping Today!

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Ok, don’t get us wrong, we like the World Cup. But what we really love is the food! With 32 nations competing to hoist the trophy, we can’t help but think of all the delicious cuisine their fans are eating at home while cheering them on. So, we wanted to get in on the tasty acton. Every day we will bring you  some of the Atlanta restaurants that are cooking up  the specialties of the competing nations. Dig in and enjoy the ride!

Sunday, June 15


The Match: Switzerland vs Equador

Where We’re Eating: Cacao

When we think Swiss cuisine, chocolate is the first thing that comes to mind. A quick second being fondue, RIP Dante’s Down the Hatch. And when it’s chocolate in Atlanta, it’s Cacao. These chocolatiers really impress. Making everything from scratch, from the beginning of the process to the end,  these are chocolates worth waiting for. It’s a wonder we aren’t all walking around with a permanent chocolate stain on our face.

Photo courtesy of Cacao’s Facebook page.

The Match: France vs Hondouras

Where We’re Eating: Cafe Alsace 

IF anyone knows their way around a kitchen, it’s the French. And lucky us, we have a straight off the plane transplant in our midst. Benedicte Cooper has been whipping up crepes and quiches in her quaint Decatur cafe since 1997. And you’ll get the full experience when you walk in the door. Baguettes? Check. Pate? You know it. Decadent desserts? Oh God, yes.  Vive La France!

The Match: Argentina vs. Bosnia and Herzegoniva

Where We’re Eating: Buford Highway Farmer’s Market

Name one Bosnian food item. We dare you. Nothing? It’s ok, we were stumped too. That is, until we walked into the Buford Highway Farmer’s Market. Not many cities have a treasure quite like this. Think of just about any type of cuisine and they will have an entire section devoted to it. Yup, even Bosnia and the Eastern European block. A mixture of Austria and Turkey, Bosnian food includes anything from kabobs to a meat filled pastry called Burek. Want to try one? Head to the farmer’s market and you’ll be noshing in no time.

Photo Courtesy of Wikepedia

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