An inside look at Cinebistro Brookhaven

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This generation is into combination plans- 2 in ones- everything applies besides the faulty shampoo/conditioner. We can no longer be entertained by just a movie and some measly half pops to crunch on.

Along comes Cinébistro- not just a 2 in one but a 3,4,5,6… maybe even more in a single outing! Not only are there flicks and luxurious seating, your popcorn can be upgraded to popcorn chicken, calamari or shrimp; your soda can be upgraded to a complex combination of muddled watermelon and mint; customarily sticky floors are replaced with fancy décor.

The Cinébistro brand was created in 2007, but we’re shouting out a friendly reminder that the food is restaurant quality and totally enhances your movie night out. These are just a few of our favorite things:

Watermelon Mojito:

Made with Barcardi, watermelon pucker, muddled mint leaves and watermelon (we weren’t kidding!), simple syrup, and a watermelon wedge to garnish.

Cinebistro Drink

“Popcorn” Chicken (can be substituted for calamari or shrimp)

Fried “popcorn style” chicken, calamari or shrimp mixed with popcorn! Comes with a side of tomato sauce and sweet citrus aioli.

Cinebistro Popcorn

Wagyu Beef Sliders

These taste as good as they look. Cinébistro’s beef sliders are made with aged Waygu beef and topped with bacon and onion jam, tomato and melted Fontina cheese.

Cinebistro Wagyu Beef Sliders

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