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Clear Up That Sinus: Celebrate International Hot and Spicy Food Day With Us

One thing we can all agree on is that it’s been pretty damn cold outside. With the south is getting a proper winter, all Atlantans need something to keep warm. That’s why it’s the perfect setting to celebrate International Hot and Spicy Food Day. Scroll down for some cold weather cures via a belly full of warm food. WARNING: you might want a tall glass of milk as you read this post.

The Spicy Fries at Takorea

Takorea: Takorea’s masterful blend of Korean and Mexican flavors are perfectly synched in all of their dishes, particularly the spicy ones. From their hot seasonings to their spicy sauces, they have an array of things that you can order from that will definitely spice up your life. We suggest ordering the Sesame fries which are tossed in sesame oil and sweet and SPICY seasoning with a side of house-made chipotle ketchup.

10 Degrees South: As the first South African restaurant to open in the US, 10 Degrees South has perfected the flavors that make it wildly popular. Their slogan is “Take your taste buds on a safari” and that is exactly what their Peri-Peri Chicken Spring Rolls do with some spice. This smaller appetizer packs a punch with marinated spicy chicken that is wrapped up and served with peri-peri sauce. It’s the best and spiciest way to start off your meal.

Fred’s Korean Cheese Steak. Photo by Lindsay Greene/The Hunger Diaries

Fred’s Meat and Bread: Classic sandwiches can be pretty boring and that is why Fred’s steps up their game with flavorful (and sometimes spicy) sammies. One of their spiciest and most mouth-watering sandwiches is the Korean Cheese Steak. Your choice of chicken or ribeye is piled high on a bread roll and topped with gochujang sauce (Korean hot sauce), Amerian cheese, candied jalapeño, green onion, and garlic aioli. It’s a spicy sandwich that will make you want to eat your way through the burn.

The Chicken Number 65 at Bhojanic

Bhojanic: Indian food has a reputation for being spicy and Bhojanic’s Chicken Number 65 doesn’t disappoint. Not only is the color firetruck red, the spice makes you feel like dialing 911. The chicken is perfectly marinated with ginger, garlic, green chilis, curry, and mustard seeds and instead of being fried as is typical with a dish like this, Bhojanic grills it for a healthier flavor.

Nashville Hot Chicken Biscuit + brunch at Ladybird Grove and Mess Hall

Ladybird Grove and Mess Hall: One food trend taking the country by storm is the Nashville Hot Chicken. But at Ladybird Grove and Mess Hall, they take the Southern trend to the next level, in a delicious biscuit sandwich. One caveat – you can only get it as part of their weekend brunches. Just pretend International Hot and Spicy Food Day is this Saturday, get yourself the Nashville Hot Chicken biscuit and a horseradish-heavy Bloody Mary, and celebrate accordingly.

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