Cocktail Crazy

Just a few years back, Atlanta caught a serious case of the Cocktail flu – and we can’t get over it! Cocktails have become an integral part of the Atlanta food and beverage scene and we are lucky to have some the best in the nation. The places we’ve compiled don’t miss a beat and serve up some of the best cocktails in the ATL.

Holeman and Finch

H&F is where the Atlanta cocktail craze all begin. Greg Best and his team at Holeman and Finch lit the match that started the fire! The cocktails are definitely some of the best in Atlanta – and according to GQ Magazine, the whole country! The quality of the cocktails at H&F has never faulted and continue to set the standard for cocktails in Atlanta. If you haven’t been yet, a word of advice – Go. Now.

Leon’s Full Service

You can find this girl at Leon’s drinking a Death & Company several times a week. While I have my favorites (I am a bourbon freak!), the entire menu is jammed packed with delicious cocktails created by the super talented Miles Macquarrie. Macquarrie, a rising star mixologist in 2012, and his team create their own craft cocktails, as well as serving all the classics, with extreme care and practiced technique to deliver the best cocktails around (hint: you won’t find a better old fashioned, anywhere!)

Chicken and the Egg

Something near and dear to my heart, here you will find a selection of barrel-aged cocktails. Due to aging time, these cocktails are subject to limited availability. But if you find yourself lucky enough to try one these cocktails you are sure to be awed. Chicken and the Egg also features a selection of southern-inspired craft cocktails that are equally enjoyable.


Mixologist David Durnell delivers a rotating cocktail menu that is fresh, seasonal and really well balanced. The cocktails are beautifully made, super tasty and sure to have you coming back again! David also leads the cocktail program at STG Trattoria, serving up some refreshing and bright Italian-inspired cocktails.

Victory Sandwich Bar

We’ll start with one suggestion – Jack and Coke Slushie.  Need I say more? Probably not, but the rest of the cocktail menu features fantastically simple, but equally tasty cocktails that can be enjoyed daily. There is also a really cool section of spiked sodas. Great beer and great prices to top it all off? You can’t lose on this one.

Seed Kitchen and Bar

Seed serves up two types of cocktails: vintage and modern. Try your hand at one of the classic cocktails that your daddy used to drink and then school him on the new age flare. Whichever decade you choose, you’ll be more than satisfied with your choice.

Trader Vic’s

Well, this is the best damn tiki bar in Atlanta that I’ve ever been to. The Mai Tai is the best around and the fun and lively decor is pretty cool, too. Where does one find such a place? In the bottom of a Hilton, of course.


One of Atlanta’s oldest speakeasy’s, Prohibition is super low-key and only those that know the secret phone number get in. If you are lucky enough to enter in the phone booth and dial the correct number (and no, sorry, I can’t tell you), you’ll feel like you’ve been teleported back to 1920. Totally worth the effort as Atlanta’s greatest classic cocktails live  here.

Double Zero

The folks at Double Zero re-imagine classic cocktails by focusing on using Italian spirits and cordials. For example, the uber-yummy 00 Manhattan incorporates barolo chinato (if you’ve never had this before, you can thank me later). It also pays homage to traditional cocktails, making drinks like an amaretto sour exactly how you expect them.


Riccardo Ullio’s latest establishment to hit the Atlanta food scene, this Mexican restaurant features the most extensive tequilla bar in the city. Paired with great mexican-inspired cocktails, this is the place for serious tequilla drinkers.

The Sound Table

We love the approach that Sound Table has taken with their cocktail menu. Featuring the categories such as Strong, Rich & Strange and Flips & Fizz, it is a fun way to try multiple types of cocktails. Nothing beats a great cocktail to go with some great music, and at ST, that is exactly what you get.

The Fred

Named after the beverage director for Taco Mac, this Sandy Springs bar isn’t the easiest to find, but once you do, you won’t be disappointed.  Featuring a huge beer list, the cocktail menu is not as expansive but equally impressive. This is the place to get educated on brew-based cocktails.

Photo Credit: Gareth Weeks

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