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Deciding on where to eat can be tough in a city as full of great spots as ours. That’s why, every week we’re going to a new spot and giving you the inside scoop.  We’re telling you the best time to go, the best seat in the house and, of course, the best food and drink you can order. This is The Low Down.

When You’re Going

So, there are two very distinct vibes when you’re heading to Czar Ice Bar; party and dinner. Are you in the mood to party? Go after 10 pm Thursday through Saturday and you’ll have a blast. But if, like us, you’re heading there to chow down on some sushi, get there around 7 pm Monday – Thursday. The small space won’t be too crowded and you’ll be able to concentrate on plate after plate of fabulous fish heading your way.

Where You’re Sitting

Um, hello? You need to be sitting at the ice bar, of course! 27 feet long, the bar is kept at a very chilly temperature to maintain the ice. You definitely won’t have to worry about your drink getting warm! If you have more than 2 people in your party, there is a great European style sitting area with comfy blue brocade sofas.

What’s In Your Glass

We already mentioned the ice bar as THE place to sit. And what is behind that piece of prime real estate? Oh, only about 300 exotic vodkas from all over the world. Yes ma’am, this is the place to be when you want to indulge. With that many types of vodka, you’ll definitely find something you love. And, if you want something a little different, be sure to check out their infused vodkas. Made in house, they range in flavors from jalapeno to strawberry to cucumber. And they come nestled in their own little ice caddies.

What’s On Your Plate

In a land overcome with mediocre at best sushi rolls, we were so beyond thrilled to have one of Czar Bar’s masterpieces set in front of us. Master chef Saito Saito is seriously not playing around. His passion for the food is evident in every bite you take. That’s why it’s so difficult to narrow down the menu to our favorite. But, if we had to give our perfect order, it would look something like this:

  • You have to start off with the mixed fish ceviche made with tuna and salmon. It’s ‘cooked’ in citrus and served beautifully stacked. Eat this one slowly, and savor each bite.
  • Then, you’ll move on to some tuna tartar. Chef takes the absolute freshest tuna available and mixes it with some magical sauces. Not too much, not too little. Just right.
  • Now, it’s time to indulge in one of the most popular rolls, the Lady On The Beach. Made with spicy tuna, asparagus, mango sauce, sweet chili sauce and then flash fried. Is your mouth watering yet?
  • Ok, do whatever you need to – stand up and walk around, do some stretches and shake it down – just make sure you can still eat one last thing. Because we’re ending strong. Order yourself some pepper-crusted tuna. You can thank us later. This is one of those dishes that we think about even weeks later. Slightly spicy, but a little sweet on the tongue. You’ll be dreaming about this dish and then sending chef Saito Saito a thank you note later.


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