Love Is In The Air: The 6 Best Date Night Spots In Atlanta


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Spring has (finally) hit Atlanta! The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and something is in the air…nope, not pollen. It’s love! So whether it’s your 1st or 50th date, here are you best bets when you want a night on the town with your sweetie.

Table and Main

Right off of Canton Street in Historic Roswell, you’ll find an unassuming former home that now houses some of the best Southern cuisine you’ll ever taste. Our advice? Grab a seat on the gorgeous softly lit patio, and get googly-eyes with your paramour over the sounds of crickets while sipping bourbon cocktails.

Barcelona Wine Bar

Sharing is caring, right? Well, you’ll certainly impress your partner when you demonstrate all those Kindergarten era lessons while sharing tapas like albondigas and olives. And if you head over for a Sunday funday, you can enjoy 1/2 off bottles of vino!


Situated right on the banks of the Chattahoochee River, this restaurant is, in one word, stunning. Not to the level as your date obviously (hint: be sure to mention that), but stunning nonetheless. Nosh on rabbit, sip on champagne and dream about your future riverside home.

H. Harper Station

Let’s say you are on a ‘is it or isn;t it’ group date/setup. Head over to H. Harper Station, order a punch for everyone to share and just wait for the sparks to fly. With a wall full of bourbon (literally) and the bartender’s intricate mustache, ice breakers should never be a problem.

The Porter Beer Bar

Are you dating a beer geek? Are you trying to impress your date by pretending to be a bar geek? Then, get thee to The Porter! With over 800 beers and a world class menu, this is the spot when you want to experiment…with beer. And bonus: there are no tv’s to distract your ADD boyfriend during Braves season.

The Optimist

Just before it gets so hot we all stick to our car seats, and there’s still a nice breeze in the air, be sure to take your honey to The Optimist. Or more importantly, the Oyster Bar at The Optimist. Outside, you’ll find a little putt putt green. And inside? Inside you’ll find a huge selection of both East and West coast oysters and punch. After you’ve ¬†impressed him/her with your sweet, sweet putting skills you can head inside for Shrimp a la Plancha and one of the most underrated burgers in town.

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