Demystifying the Mai Tai at Biltong Bar


This Friday, June 30 is National Mai Tai Day, and Biltong Bar’s beverage director Sean Gleason is taking full advantage of it.

Starting Thursday, June 29 through Thursday, July 6, patrons will be able to try Gleason’s version of his favorite cocktail made with a secret five rum blend, lime, curaçao, demerara and house-made orgreat. Even if you’re not physically escaping to the beach for the Fourth of July, you can drink like you are! We asked Gleason a few questions about his take on the Mai Tai & other deliciousness to enjoy at Ponce City Market’s South African counter-service restaurant.

Atlanta Eats: What exactly is in a Mai Tai?

Sean: Rum, lime juice, orange curacao, which is an orange flavored liqueur & Orgeat, which is a French almond syrup…and that’s it!

Atlanta Eats: Why is the Mai Tai your favorite cocktail?

Sean: It’s actually the main reason I got into bartending. I love the history and story behind it, super interesting.

Atlanta Eats: What is the prime food pairing for the Mai Tai?

Sean: The Bunny Chow. It’s a spicy chicken stew in a ciabatta bread bowl. Really delicious with the Mai Tai.

Atlanta Eats: Is there any chance that the Mai Tai stays on the menu?

Sean: Oh, I will always make someone a Mai Tai. It’s my favorite cocktail. We always pretty much have all the ingredients on hand anyway.

Atlanta Eats: Are there any more limited time drink specials coming up at Biltong Bar that we should know about?

Sean: We always have specials that we just serve until they’re gone. Just keep your ears out for what’s coming next!

Atlanta Eats: What’s something important our readers should know about Biltong Bar?

Sean: That we’re here! We just want people in the door and trying new stuff.

Go sip on Biltong Bar’s Mai Tai and let us know your thoughts below!

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