What Dorm Room Staple is Taking Over Haute Cuisine? Find Out in This Week’s Financial Bites!


Let’s face it. Even if you are a complete cheapskate today, it probably won’t compare to the lengths you went to in college to save a few bucks. Between having roommates, wearing the same shirt twice (or three times), and learning how to buy food in bulk, you worked hard to make every dollar stretch. One of the staples of the college diet was the ever popular Ramen Noodles. Invented in 1958 and brought to its first American plant in 1978, Maruchan (maker of Ramen Noodles) produces over 3.6 packages of Ramen Noodles soup each and every year. Could it be that Ramen Noodles are now a part of the fine dining scene?


  • RAMEN NOODLE BURGER- The Ramen Noodle Burger debuted at the Smorgasbord Fair in Brooklyn. Made as a classic burger but wrapped in fried ramen noodles, instead of the usual bread, the ramen burger was created by Keizo Shimamoto who produced 150 for the fair and sold out fast. (source: www.finedininglovers.com)


  • RAMEN NOODLES ON SALAD- Even the Maruchan website says that Ramen Noodles can be eaten dry. Admittedly, I’ve tried this once or twice in my life. You can make beautiful types of salads today and use Ramen Noodles as part of the dish or crumble them as a topping as opposed to using croutons or bread crumbs.


  • RAMEN NOODLES IN SOUPS- It doesn’t get any easier for instant cooking than ‘add water’ and have your cup of soup. The way you learned it in college isn’t my idea of eat well and save money. However, using these noodles within tasty recipes such as Thai Peanut Chicken and Ramen Noodle soup might just be the best way to warm your cockles during a cold winter’s day.


There is no doubt that Ramen Noodles are here to stay. If you use your imagination, there are literally tons of ways you can integrate these into your family meal plans. You can find local establishment who are using these in their fine dining menu. Recently, the West Egg Café served up a Ramen Burger – single patty, white cheddar, over medium egg, Sriracha, arugula, ramen “bun” served with Asian slaw. Yum! Keep your eyes open wide for a Ramen Noodle dish coming to a restaurant near you!


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