Eat the Crepe Out of These 5 Atlanta Restaurants

Written by Chloe Guillaume 

You can (and totally should!) eat crepes for every meal of the day at these awesome Atlanta restaurants! Choose between sweet or savory. Get them filled and topped with all sorts of delightful toppings. We have found 5 restaurants where you can order yourself a tasty crepe and imagine you’re in Europe for a day!

Julianna’s Crepes – Photo: atlantacrepes.com

1. Julianna’s

Julianna’s is a Hungarian style crepe cafe with many unique sweet & savory crepes to choose from! One of their speciality sweet crepes is their Cherry Bomb crepe that has crushed Oreo pie crust, vanilla ice cream, sour cherry preserves, topped with chocolate syrup. Holy crepe, you need that in your life right now! 

Roswell Provisions – Photo: Instagram/roswellprovisions

2.Roswell Provisions

Indulge in some delicious crepes from Roswell Provisions! This French bistro has a Crepe de Poulet et champignons, which translates to chicken and mushrooms! This savory crepe comes with sauteed chicken, onions and mushrooms topped with a bechamel sauce! They also have a vegetable crepe and smoked salmon crepe! 

Cafe Intermezzo – Photo: cafeintermezzo.com

3. Cafe Intermezzo

You won’t feel like you’re in Atlanta anymore when you step into Cafe Intermezzo. The atmosphere and aromas of this coffeehouse will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a European cafe! They have a selection of crepes on their menu. We recommend their Ham & Swiss Cheese crepe with rosemary! Super tasty and flavorful! 

Douceur de France – Cinnamon rolls | Photo: Instagram/douceur_de_france_

4. Douceur de France Bakery & Cafe

Douceur de France Bakery & Cafe in Roswell is ready to serve you crepes made with love! Their speciality Crepe Douceur de France is filled with chocolate ganache and topped with strawberries, bananas, & whipped cream! You can also choose from their toppings & fillings and create your own! Can’t go wrong with a classic Nutella crepe, then maybe add some toasted sliced almonds! Oh La La, sounds delicious. 

Amorino Gelato – Crepe with gelato | Photo: Instagram/amorinogelato

5. Amorino Gelato

Amorino Gelato is known for their Italian Gelato but did you know they also have amazing crepes?! They have a selection of delicious toppings you can choose from including their famous gelato and their freshly made Chantilly Cream! 

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