Eat With Your Eyes

Great looking food gets people hungry! Atlanta Eats has partnered up with Woodham’s Eye Clinic to celebrate great food photos and seeing clearly. Make sure to follow and tag @woodhamseye on your Instagram food photos for your chance to get your photos on Atlanta Eats TV Show.

Thanks to cameras on cellphones getting so advanced, anyone can snap a great looking photo on the go. Here are 3 tips straight from the experts on how to take great looking pictures of your food;

1) Light
Try to use natural light whenever possible. The flash on camera phones can produce a harsh light on food photos that are taken in a dark restaurant. (tip: if it’s just too dark, try using the light on another phone and wrap a napkin around it to dampen the harshness)

2) Angle
Try different angles when shooting your food items: directly overhead, angling the camera forward or back, shooting really close into the edge of the plate / table.

3) Focus
Make sure to adjust the focus by tapping on the screen—this tells the phone where to focus the camera and can create dramatic looking photos with depth.

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