A Food Lover’s Workout with FlyBarre Trainer Erika Carter



We at Atlanta Eats LOVE to eat. That means, in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we have to sweat it out in the gym. And one of our favorite places to go when we really need to make up an indulgent meal, is FlyWheel Atlanta. We recently sat down with FlyBarre Instructor, Erika Carter to find out what it takes to keep a healthy mind and body while still enjoying the foods we love.


Atlanta Eats: I can’t eliminate cheese out of my diet. Can you give me some tips to help me manage my diet better?

Erika Carter: I am a firm believer in everything in moderation. As long as you don’t have an intolerance for dairy (cheese), then why would you cut it out? The key to everything is portion control and calories in vs. calories expended.

AE: What is the best time of day to work out and why?

EC: The best time to work out is the time that works with your schedule. I hear so many times, I don’t have time to work out. My theory, book your workouts into your calendar like you would a meeting. Also, it depends on the person. Some people are just not morning people and do better in the afternoon or vice versa. Do what works for you. Something is always better than nothing!

AE: What is the one food I should avoid at ALL costs?

EC: See my answer to #1 – everything in moderation. In a perfect world, avoid processed foods.

AE: Why is FlyBarre a good compliment to Flywheel

EC: FlyBarre is an excellent complement to Flywheel. In FlyBarre your core is working the entire time you are in the class. Your core is what stabilizes you when you are up out of the saddle in a Flywheel Class. FlyBarre lengthens, strengthens and defines your muscle by using light weights and high repetitions to burn out the muscle, strengthening it and helping you achieve a more sculpted look. Stronger muscles = better performance on the bike.

AE: I’ve always gone on the theory the more I am sweating the more weight I am losing. Is this true?

EC: Not really. Sweating is our body’s way of cooling itself down. Yes, a good sweat means you are probably getting a good workout but the more you sweat doesn’t necessarily translate in to more weight lost.

AE: What is a realistic number of calories to consume in a day if I am doing a Flywheel workout? (For men and women)

EC: There are so many different factors that go into factoring how many calories you should consume in a day. It really isn’t possible to give an answer here. Things to think about are, are you trying to lose weight, maintain weight, add weight and base your calorie intake on the goal you are trying to achieve.

AE: How can I get over a phobia of group workouts? What makes Flywheel and FlyBarre different

On a whole, the Flywheel and FlyBarre experience is a welcoming one. Our instructors are made aware prior to class if there are first time clients in class and instructors try to speak to them prior to class and answer any questions they may have.

In Flywheel the lights are down very lows so your workout is very private. Our facilities coordinators are there to help make sure your bike is set up and customized to every riders specifications

In FlyBarre are class sizes are fairly small (21 people max per class) and the workouts are pretty intense and challenging so most people are concentrating on getting through the burn rather than looking around at other people!

AE: You use such light weights in FlyBarre, can it really change my body?

EC: Yes, light weights and really high reps build muscle and muscle definition. Our FlyBarre challenge participants can attest to it. In our 6 week challenge, clients take 4 FlyBarre classes per week. They are measured throughout the 6 week time period. We have had challengers lose anywhere from 3-19 inches in a 6 week period. So YES it really can transform your body.

AE: What are you listening to when working out?

EC: I have SO many playlists that I love: here is one of my Power 45 playlists that gets me (and of course my riders) fired up.

Fade Into Blackout Basic Physics

DJ_Serafin_it_takes_BMORE DJ Serafin

Jump Flo Rida

Hands in the Air (feat Ne-yo) Timbaland

Give it 2 U Robin Thicke ft. Kendrick Lamar

DJ BeatBreaker Don’t stop the party

Not Falling Apart (Tiesto Remix) Maroon 5

Let Me Think About it Club Mix Ida Corr Vs Fredde Le Grand

Light Your Ass On Fire (Radio Mix 1) Busta Rhymes

Play Hard David Guetta

Gimme That Chris Brown


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  1. Audrey Stallworth:You are looking great girl! How is the family? Just wanted to say hello and like your page. Your advice on health, eating and exercise mean much to me. I will keep on reading and learning. Kisses and hugs to everyone!
  2. Sharon:Calories in vs calories out is old school. Your body is not a bank account. There is so much more to nutrition than that. I am sad to hear you give such advise. What are your credentials?