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Fantastic Filipino Food Around Atlanta

Until recently, you’d be hard-pressed to find even one Filipino joint in Atlanta. But now, quite a few have popped up around town, serving up the flavors and flair of the Philippines. Get ready to dive into some lumpia and sisig–we’re learning all about this unique cuisine that takes the best of culinary influences from Spain, China, and the U.S.A.

Adobo - Chicken Skewers | Photo: Facebook/adobofb
Adobo – Chicken Skewers | Photo: Facebook/adobofb


Pop-up and Filipino catering company Adobo is serving up Filipino classics like lumpia, lechon kawali, and of course, adobo, a famous stewed meat dish made in soy sauce and vinegar and topped with pepper and bay leaves for additional flavor.  They’re currently working on opening up a new kitchen (and hopefully brick-and-mortar spot one day?) but you can order them for catering your next event now! 

Estrellita - Spam Silog | Photo:
Estrellita – Spam Silog | Photo:


Grant Park recently was lucky enough to add Estrellita to its group of neighborhood spots! This homey, hole-in-the-wall spot has a small but mighty menu that features Filipino favorites like bistek, or pan fried thinly sliced beef marinated in soy and lemon sauce. They also have a savory, Asian inspired brunch that’s particularly adept at curing any hangover and heavily features Spam. Before you say, “Yuck!“–just hear us out. Spam became quite popular in the Philippines during World War II to feed troops overseas, since this meat didn’t need to be cooked or refrigerated. Over time, Spam began to be incorporated into Filipino cuisine, and the way they prepare it adds a whole new level of flavor. So give their Spam Silog and Spam breakfast Slider a try before you write it off! 

Kamayan ATL - Kamayan Feast | Photo:
Kamayan ATL – Kamayan Feast | Photo:

Kamayan ATL

Kamayan ATL has been one of the most buzzed about pop-ups happening in Atlanta for a long time, and for good reason. Their totally delicious, very instagrammable Kamayan feasts are a feast for all the senses: smell, sounds, touch, vision, and of course, taste! Perfect for summer, they are also frequently doing halo-halo, a refreshing and sweet shaved ice dessert with red beans, evaporated milk, and other goodies. Follow them on Instagram to see where they’ll be next, or book them for your next catering event. 

Kuya's Food Express - Skewers and Lumpia | Photo: Google
Kuya’s Food Express – Skewers and Lumpia | Photo: Google

Kuya’s Food Express 

It’s always the humblest of spots that have the most authentic food. This Filipino fare has been served up fresh for quite some time in Duluth’s City Farmer’s Market (formerly, Assi Plaza). You’ll love their Pancit Bihon, a stir-fried noodle dish and shrimp sinigang, a fantastic tart soup made with tamarind, a rich sweet-sour fruit popular in Southeast Asian cuisine. 

Three Lola's Bake Shop - Ube Shortbread Cookies | Photo:
Three Lola’s Bake Shop – Ube Shortbread Cookies | Photo: Instagram/threelolasbakeshop

Three Lola’s Bake Shop

Filipino food is not just about lechon and lumpia. There’s also the desserts to contend with. And we love how Three Lolas Bake Shop continues the tradition of a melting pot of cultural cuisines with her baked goodies that combine American, Filipino, and French flavors. Ube poptarts and shortbread cookies? Yes please. Or go for classic with their piaya, a sweet filled flatbread, or yema, an egg yolk based custard confectionery. 

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