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Ranking the 5 Best Fast Food Dishes of 2020

We’ve all heard it at some point this year – 2020 has been the worst year anyone can remember. While that’s unfortunately true, there have been a few silver linings in this year from hell. Things like more time with family, a much more comfortable wardrobe and a renewed appreciation for fast food. In fact, drive-thrus are thriving, according to CNN. Taco Bell Owner Yum! Brands said it served an additional 5 million cars through its drive through compared to the same time a year ago. So with that in mind, we’re taking a look at 5 new fast food items that also thrived in 2020!

Spicy chicken nuggets from McDonald's.
McDonald’s Spicy Nuggets
Everyone has nuggets. And everyone has spicy nuggets. But McDonald’s has the most stores of any fast food chain around the country, so when they bring spicy nuggets to the table, everyone better pay attention. With a good spice level and a solid texture, McDonald’s has added yet another super satisfying option on the table.

The Pretzel Bacon Pub Cheeseburger from Wendy's.
Wendy’s Bacon Pub Cheeseburger
I’ve been snacking on these impossible to put down Snyder’s pretzel and cheese bites (and usually downing them with a cold one). So the pretzel bacon pub cheeseburger is basically leveling up on the pretzel and cheese combo. Wendy’s, which IMO has the best beef of any fast food burger chain, adds on warm beer cheese sauce, applewood smoked bacon, smoky honey mustard, crispy fried onions, pickles and a slice of Muenster all on a pretzel bun. Maybe their best burger ever?!

Grilled Cheese Burrito from Taco Bell.
Taco Bell Grilled Cheese Burrito
The grilled cheese burrito is the apotheosis of the Taco Bell experiment. In one skinny, cylindrical bite, you can get the best of Taco Bell. A pressed-cheese tortilla shell. Beef. Rice. NACHO CHEESE SAUCE. 3 CHEESE BLEND. Sour Cream. Chipotle Sauce. And their signature red strips. A truly epic addition to the menu in a year when lots of folks are upset about what Taco Bell’s taking OFF the menu.

Taco pizza from Domino's Pizza.
Dominos Cheeseburger and Chicken Taco Pizzas
Dominos is a pizza place. They understand this, but they clearly want to be more. In their view, pizza is simply a delivery system for all kinds of flavors. So it follows that this summer, they released two new flavors – the cheeseburger and taco pizzas. Both taste exactly as described – biting into a slice of cheeseburger pizza is like stepping into a summertime BBQ. And the chicken taco pizza is like if your favorite Tex Mex spot had a brick oven in the back.

Fried Chicken and Donut sandwich from KFC.
KFC Fried Chicken and Donuts
Maybe you’ve stopped by a Krispy Kreme and KFC and built this monstrosity for yourself, but the truth is the one they make in-house is better. The donut is fuller than a Krispy Kreme, giving you plenty of substantial “bun” for your sandwich. While sweet, they act as the perfect compliment to the extreme savoriness of the KFC bird. A truly iconic sandwich in a place known for buckets of chicken (and weird Colonel Sanders centric promotions). For more on Colonel Sanders’ and weird KFC history, check out this great book!

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