My Favorite Food Delivery

When my eight month old started eating solid foods a few months ago, I was determined to ONLY feed him the very best organic fruits and vegetables.  I’ll admit, I had no idea what a challenge that would be! The organic produce section at my local grocery store was pretty sparse and driving all over town to farmer’s markets was just not an option with a little one prone to meltdowns. So, when I saw a commercial for ColdLife Organics produce delivery, I was sold!

Signing up took only a few minutes and now our family gets fresh, delicious organic fruits and vegetables delivered right to our door.  I decided to order from ColdLife Organics after checking out their website www.coldlife.com , but there are also other companies that deliver organic produce in the Atlanta area. Why do I think it’s so great?

  • Convenience – With a few clicks, all of my weekly grocery shopping for organic fruits and vegetables is done!  Even better, I don’t have to be home when it’s delivered. The delivery boxes have insulated liners that keep your produce icy cold for up to eight hours so it’s fine if not refrigerated right away.
  • Much More Affordable Than You’d Think – We’re all aware that organic items are pricier than conventional items. Therefore, I was really surprised to see all of the items I received in the $39 Fruit and Vegetable Delight Small box for one to two` people. It was a LOT of food (more than enough for our family of three)!
  • Wide Variety of Items – In additional to normal, everyday fruits and vegetables (lettuce, carrots, apples, etc), ColdLife Organics also offers items that are a little different. For example, last week we were eating Purple Peruvian potatoes and this week we’re eating pomegranates. Whether you’re four or forty four, eating purple potatoes is fun (and a great way to get your kids to eat their vegetables!).

ColdLife Organics has definitely changed my family’s eating habits for the better and I LOVE getting that box on my doorstep each week.   As I was writing this blog entry, I got an email from ColdLife Organics that they will soon be turning into a full online grocery store.  Be sure to check them out, I think it’s a great option for those of us who want to eat healthier but don’t have a lot of time to shop.

Let me know, what are your thoughts on ordering groceries online?


  1. Megan:I've always wondered about these produce delivery services. I just wasn't sure if they could keep it fresh enough but it sounds like you've had a good experience! I'll have to try it! Thanks Mary Kennon!
  2. Roberta:This is awesome! I saw where Amazon was starting this type of service in some areas but didn't realize this existed in Atlanta. Have you found the products to be fresh? Are you able to select exactly what type of products you receive?
    thanks fro the article and information - Berta
  3. Mary Kennon:All of the produce that I've received has been SUPER FRESH and a lot of the items (pears, apples) are individually wrapped so that they're not bruised during shipping. ColdLife Organics does offer a money back guarantee if you're not happy with your order and they have a wonderful Customer Service department that I've spoken with on occasion.

    Roberta, they did just open an online grocery store in which you pick and choose the items you want delivered. And, if you order before 8 pm, you can get next day delivery. Be sure to check our their website and thanks so much for your comments!
  4. Heather:I think we are going to try this!!
  5. Mitch:Check out Fresh Harvest. They do everything so we'll. never had a bad experience. Built on service and the best organic products available. Local farm to table items.
    The bin is like opening up a present every week. They also so have a great selections of additional organic items like honey, coffee, pepperoni, and several others.

  6. Mary Kennon:Heather, please write in after you receive your ColdLife Organics delivery and let me know your thoughts. Mitch, thanks for your comment, I'll be sure to check out the Fresh Harvest website.
  7. Kelley:Mary Kennon!!! Thank you for sharing such a healthy option for obtaining fresh organic foods that are not easily found in local stores, I'm going to try it too; will let you know my experience. you are absolutely the "cutting edge" for fabulous food ideas!!!