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First Black-owned Restaurant Delivery Service Launches in Atlanta

Black and Mobile, a new delivery service delivering food exclusively from Black-owned restaurants, has just launched in Atlanta making it easy for you to find and support local Black-owned restaurants.

Black and Mobile LLC was started by David Cabello as a desire to help out the community. Cabello and his brother decided to drop out of college the day after the presidential election in order to help out Black-owned businesses in any way he could. Cabello explored various industries, including working at a bookstore, before finding success delivering food for Postmates, Caviar, and UberEats. “I said to myself, if I could make this much money delivering food on a bike, how much can I make with my own company?”

Upon further research, Cabello discovered that none of the major food delivery companies were Black-owned and so he decided to launch the first ever Black-owned major delivery service. Black and Mobile now has operations in Philadelphia, Detroit, and Atlanta. Cabello chose Atlanta for the next launch because of the thriving Black-owned business community in Atlanta: “We’ve already employed 150 people. We already have more drivers in Atlanta than any other city.”

Of what you can expect on the platform, local great spots like Local Greens, Anna’s BBQ, and Bankhead Seafood are all already available. “We’re still adding more… a couple [more] months, we’ll have well over 30 restaurants. There are over 150 [Black-owned restaurants in Atlanta,] so we’re going to keep working on it to get them used to our service and on our platform,” said Cabello.

Of what’s surprised him most about launching a business, Cabello says, “I’m surprised by the amount of support I’m getting; I didn’t think it would take off this fast. I remember the amount of no’s I got in the beginning, that it would never work, that it’s stupid, that it’s racist.”

Of why customers should choose Black and Mobile over other delivery platforms, Cabello said, “When you come to our platform, you know that you’re going to support a Black business. You’re going to support the restaurant, you’re going to support my business… and then we have a Black tech company that developed the whole platform. You’re helping us create jobs for the people that need it. We do it more for the community, for the culture, than just the dollar. We’re trying to make it cool to support Black businesses and the community.”

You can watch our video with Cabello below, and check out our blog post featuring more Black-owned restaurants if this post made you hungry! Black and Mobile is available for download on iOS and Android.


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