Food Trends Taking The Spotlight

Are you food-forward or feel a little behind on epicurean updates? From the Cronut craze and beyond, we want to make sure our Atlanta Eats audience is in the loop with everything trending in the food marketplace! Here are the topics on the top of our food-news radar:

Shake Shack Tattoos

If you’re a burger enthusiast, you can now LITERALLY wear you fandom on your sleeve. Tatt it up with Shake Shack’s new collection of funky burger, hot dog, fries, robots and skulls.

Shake Shack

Brownie Batter Oreos

Can Oreos get any more addicting? Brownie + Oreo= eating sleeve after sleeve of chocoholic heaven. Oreo Thins also stealing some spotlight and reminding us of the days when “100 Calorie Packs” were the greatest gift to earth since sliced bread.


Brands of Craft Beer No One Expected…

Lululemon Since Lululemon creates it, it must be healthy right? We are deeming this craft can as “Calorie free” if you do enough. Pure Barre classes in Lulu’s finest. As announced via Instagram and NY Daily News:


Wheaties From athletic inspiration to a frat-boys dream beer, it only makes sense that Wheaties is changing paths from cereal to alcoholic beverages. Look out for “Hefewheaties” is sure to be served as a breakfast of champions!


Pumpkin Spice Back at It

We thought all pumpkin spice options had been exhausted, but here comes the treat we’ve all been waiting for…pumpkin spice Jell-O shots! Football season here we come! (Follow @maradavis2000 for her thoughts on the subject)


More Crazy Combos from Dominique Ansel

Cronuts are still cool, don’t get us wrong, but burrata soft serve is what’s really in these days. It’s served at Dominique Ansel’s NYC mainstay with balsamic reduction drizzled on top. We need an Atlanta chef to replicate this recipe!

Dominique Ansel

Know a food trend we need to tell to the masses? For any recommendations please email skye@atlantaeats.com

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