Freeze Us in Ice and Wake Us Up Once the Pancakes are Ready – National Pancake Day 2019

Remember Otzi the Iceman? The Neolithic man was found in the Italian alps in 1991 and his last meal – along with some deer – may have been a pancake, cooked over an open fire. In other words, humans have been eating pancakes longer than we’ve been speaking English! To celebrate National Pancake Day on February 21st, let’s check out five pancakes around Atlanta that would be worth freezing in ice for 5,000 years.

Ria’s Bluebird
– The New York Times called them “the world’s best pancakes”. They make them from scratch with hot maple syrup – you can add toasted GA pecans, caramelized bananas or chocolate chips to top it off. Or all of the above.

Pancake from Bread and Butterfly. Photo: @zdapproved/Instagram

Bread and Butterfly
This European inspired cafe and bistro is located in the heart of Inman Park – perfect for the brunch crowd. Atlanta Magazine wrote that “baking powder (a lot of it) is the key to these pancakes’ fluffy texture,” and we say bring on the fluff.

Buttermilk Kitchen owner Suzanne Vizethan with a stack of pancakes. Photo: @buttermilkkitchen/Instagram

Buttermilk Kitchen
These stacks have people making lines out the door every Saturday and Sunday for brunch. Owner/Chef Suzanne Vizethan uses local vendors for her ingredients, and all pancakes are topped with Banner Butter, pure maple syrup or ASW whiskey syrup.

s'mores pancake from Folk Art
Folk Art
At folk art, they make their pancakes with a Sweet Potato base and a ton of toppings. We love the chocolate s’mores toppings, but they also do a delicious banana nut fosters, cinnamon pecan sticky bun and peanut butter and banana for you Honky Tonk Kings out there.

the dutch baby at the Original Pancake House

The Dutch baby at the Original Pancake House. Photo: @casieltey/Instagram

Original Pancake House
They may have 100 locations across the country, but the Atlanta locations feel as local as pecan pie. Their signature pancakes? The apple pancake – a single large pancake smothered with sautéed apples and cinnamon sugar baked to perfection, creating a rich cinnamon sugar glaze – and the Dutch baby – an air filled delight, oven-baked to gold perfection and served with lemon, whipped butter and powdered sugar.

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