The One With the Atlanta Restaurants

Written by Jessica Pierson and Chloe Guillaume 

If you’re a Friends fanatic and you live in Atlanta, then you have to check out these restaurants with dishes that your favorite characters will surely love. These meals are so good you’ll have to bring all your FRIENDS to come try them! So whether you’re “on a break” like Ross or “don’t even have a pla” like Phoebe, we’ve got you covered!

Ross My Fajites Gif

Ross Geller forgot about his fajitas, but we certainly have not forgotten about Superica‘s Fajitas al Carbon! You can choose between their marinated & wood grilled chicken and steak, or the Vegetable Mixata! All served with delicious Mexican butter, lettuce, pico de gallo, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, frijoles, and just-made flour tortillas.

Joey Pizza GIF

“How you doin?” There are few people more passionate about pizza than Joey Tribbiani. But if you share a common love for this cheesy pie then you have to check out Antico Pizza Napoletana. We have no doubt that Joey would choose the lasagna pizza. Covered in meatballs, ricotta, and romano cheese, this pizza practically screams his name.

Monica Cake GIF

We have a lot in common with Monica Geller as we also enjoy stuffing our face with cake. And what better place to find cake then at Sweet Hut! With SO many choices to choose from, you won’t be able to say no to this place. Monica would love to indulge in the Midnight Lady, a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and chocolate ganache with crunchy roasted walnuts. These cakes are great for sharing with friends, or eating all by yourself on the couch, we don’t judge!

Folk Art Restaurant has a better idea about cheese than Chandler Bing. They have a Craft “5” grilled cheese. Toasted and melted with cheddar, provolone, gruyere, Swiss and creme brie! They’re a little bit more serious about their cheese than Chandler, we can guarantee it!

Jennifer Aniston Sushi GIF

If you’re looking for your lobster, head over to Nakato for a wide variety of delicious sushi rolls even Rachel Green would enjoy. Nakato, an authentic fine dining Japanese experience, serves up many types of fresh sushi that everyone can enjoy! We absolutely recommend trying the salmon skin roll or the lobster roll to channel your inner Rachel.

Phoebe Vegetarian

If you’re a vegetarian like our girl Phoebe Buffay, this popular vegetarian & vegan restaurant is right up your alley: Cafe Sunflower has a variety of delicious plant-based cuisines. They have a Handmade Soy Burger, Crispy Soy Chicken, Eggplant Lasagna, Cauliflower Marsala Steak, and many more nourishing items to enjoy! Phoebe would give this place a big thumbs up!!

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