Roadside ‘Cue and All The Tacos| Best Things We Ate This Week



At Atlanta Eats, we…well…eat. A lot. And each week, we’re sharing the dishes that stand out the most.

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 All The Tacos at Bartaco

Ok, we’ve talked about the tacos at Bartco before. you know we love them. But a recent visit confirmed our adoration. And the Baja taco? Could eat that one all day, every day.



‘Cue at Pooles

The BBQ war in Georgia rages on. Sometimes, it’s nice to re-visit an older soldier. On a journey to a cabin in Blue Ridge, a BBQ stop was necessary and Pooles appeared like a giant pig through the clouds. This is no nonsense food – chopped pork, brunswick stew, mac and cheese and buttery toast. This was like a taste of the South all wrapped up in a Styrofoam container.


Cacio e Pepe at Osteria Mattone

Well, it’s not bathing suit season anymore, so it’s full on carb loading season! One of the best Roman dishes that Osteria Mattone serves up, is also among it’s simplest. Pasta tossed in a bit of that strchy water, pecerino and as much cracked black pepper as you can handle. Perfection.


Thai Shrimp at Gunshow

Ok, admission: this was actually consumed a few weeks ago at Gunshow. But it’s been on our minds ever since. And with last year’s addition to Esquire’s ‘Best Restaurants of 2014’ list, it’s worth another mention. Kevin Gillespie – you are a mad genius and we love you for it.



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