Get More Southside in Your Mouth – Mara on the Bert Show

So I’ve heard this my whole career in radio – the Southside always feels slighted. So I’m gonna go there with you and I actually asked for a lot of suggestions from social media. I haven’t been to all the places, I’ve been to most of them. But I will tell you that when you do give me suggestions, I love it – but I will also vet them. You know what I mean? I’m gonna go online, I’m gonna look at the website, I’m gonna see the reviews. If I’m endorsing or mentioning something on The Bert Show, I gotta make sure that people like this.

(One of Mara’s followers) said she lives in Barnesville and she loves a place called American Pie pizza. She loves their pizza, calzones, but OMG the Butterballs” is what she said! I guess that’s some bread with butter…and I’m into it. In Henry county she said Sarah’s Country Cooking – it just warms the soul. That’s cafeteria – southern Style.

Mara also mentions:
6th Street Pier in Griffin
The Curious Pig in Peachtree City
The Beirut in Peachtree City
Palmer’s in Peachtree City
Bistro Hilary
She Craft Co in Tyrone
Corner Grille in College Park
Kupcakerie in East Point

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