Grabbing Lunch in Decatur With The People’s Lawyer


Decatur is a food lover’s city, there’s no doubt of that. But if you’ve ever found yourself there at lunch, you may have the problem of too many amazing choices! The People’s Lawyer, Bruce Hagen is here to help guide you. Calling Decatur home to his offices, he eats…a lot. So here is his guide to the best lunchtime treats in Decatur.

                Souper Jenny:   Obviously.  I’m there every free moment.   I’ve tried things I’d never thought I’d eat and loved them (Bean salad with peaches?)

                Brick Store:  Great burger, salads, the ultimate in gastropub food

                Leon’s Full Serve:  Nothing like a Glass O’ Bacon to get you going, don’t forget to dip it in the peanut butter.

                No 246:        Upscale lunch when I want to impress.

                Café Lilly:  The Grand Dame of Decatur dining has been around for a long time and always delivers.   Salad Nicoisse is perfect lunch item

                Taqueria Del Sol:   If you don’t mind the line, the tacos are always a winner.

                Chai Pani:   When someone is new to Decatur, this Indian street food spot is a great way to break them in. Be sure to order the Kale Pakora for the table!

                Victory Sandwich Bar:  Quirky, fun little sammies that don’t fill you up. Mix and match them for a full meal. The Beast on Yeast is a favorite.

                Raging Burrito:  Because sometimes you just need to blow it out and gorge yourself on a monster Fatty Burrito

                Twains:   Great bar food that’s always fresh and tasty.

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