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Tuesday Great Call | Grand Champion BBQ


Deciding on where to eat can be tough in a city as full of great spots as ours. That’s why, every Tuesday we’re making the call, and giving you the inside scoop. This week’s Great Call is Stats.

When You’re Going

In the South, every day is a good day for ‘cue! Head in there late on Sunday afternoon to avoid the crowds and be sure to stay until you’ve had your fill of pulled pork and pecan pie.

Where You’re Sitting

The best place to sit in any BBQ spot is where you can best smell the smokey perfume. And at Grand Champion that spot is anywhere.

What’s in Your Glass

Sweet tea, y’all. It’s just like mama made it.

What’s On Your Plate

We were introduced to Grand Champion at this year’s Atlanta Food & Wine Festival. Whispers went through the crowd that a stand was serving up some ridiculously good pulled pork. Not surprisingly, we made a bee line for it. We loved the pork, but the mac ‘n cheese was inhaled. Fast. So, this is what you need to load up on. A dinner of nothing but mac ‘n cheese, is totally acceptable, right?

For more info, check out Grand Champion here.




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