Six Restaurants. One Night. Bring It On!


Some of the most iconic dishes in Atlanta can be found in the Buckhead Life Restaurant Group. From fried chicken at Buckhead Diner to deep fried lobster tail at Chop’s, it’s the kind of food that we dream about. So, we started thinking; what if we could create our own Buckhead Life progressive dinner? What would we order to make the BEST meal of our life?

We sat down with professional eater, and Atlanta Eats host, Steak Shapiro to get his take! Read below for his dream dinner in Buckhead. Warning: Do not read this while hungry!


When I sit down I want the gougeres (cheese puffs) at Bistro Nikko – what better way to start a decadent meal!


It has to be a true seafood trifecta. I would start with the Atlanta Fish Market jumbo lump crabcake; creamy and delicious and everything you want in a crabcake. Then I would move on to the signature flash-fried lobster tail at Chops. This is an appetizer you must try in Atlanta. And finally, I would have to get Kyma’s grilled octopus. There’s a reason why 95% of the tables order it!


You have to have a pasta course in a dream meal, and my choice is the beef shortrib ravioli (Ravioli de Brasato) at Pricci; the perfect sauce with the lightest ravioli ever.


As a professional eater, you know I can’t only have 1 entree! So, I’m going to go with 2. First up the fried chicken at Buckhead Diner. Seriously, close your eyes, imagine the South and bite into this chicken. Then I would move on to the whole grilled fish at Kyma .This is  my mom’s favorite dish in Atlanta so it can’t be bad. It’s her fave for a reason.


Believe it or not, there’s still room for dessert! And, of course, this is another duo.  To end this epic meal, I’ll be diving into the chocolate mousse cake at Atlanta Fish Market and Buckhead Diner’s  award-winning white chocolate banana creme pie . Both are just absolute perfection and enough to send me off in a state of bliss…

Make sure to try all of these dishes with the Buckhead Life Ultimate Card – it’s the perfect gift for the holidays! Purchase at any of the Buckhead Life restaurants, www.buckheadrestaurants.com or 404-237-2060.

If you could build your perfect meal at Buckhead Life, what would it be? Tell us below in the comments and you could win your own night out in Buckhead!


  • Bistro Niko - Gougeres | Photo Credit: Sara Hanna Photography
  • Atlanta Fish Market - Jumbo Lump Crabcake | Photo Credit: Sara Hanna Photography
  • Chops - Signature Flash-Fried Lobster Tail | Photo Credit: Sara Hanna Photography
  • Kyma - Grilled Octopus
  • Pricci - Ravioli de Brasato ( Beef Shortrib Ravioli) | Photo Credit: Sara Hanna Photography
  • Kyma - Whole Grilled Fish | Photo Credit: Sara Hanna Photography
  • Buckhead Diner - Fried Chicken | Photo Credit: Krista Miller
  • Atlanta Fish Market - Chocolate Mousse Cake | Photo Credit: Laura Carson Miller
  • Buckhead Diner - White Chocolate Banana Creme Pie | Photo Credit: Sara Hanna Photography


  1. Jeff Kamin:If I could build my perfect meal at Buckhead Life, it would be:

    Appetizer : 4 piece Rainbow Roll at Atlanta Fish Market

    Pasta: Lasagna Expressa at Pricci

    Entrée: 12 oz Filet at Chops

    Sides: Steamed Broccoli and Whipped Organic Sweet Potato at Chops

    Dessert: Crème Brulee a La Vanille at Bistro Niko
  2. Shana:The perfect meal would be the buffalo shrimp from Atlanta Fish Market, seafood platter from Chops Lobster Bar, a baked potato, and salad. Dessert would come from the Buckhead Diner.
  3. Debra Gray:Libster bisque with sherry
    Steak tartare with a bold Cabernet /meritage blend Chops

    Grilled octopus with Retsina. Kyma

    Flash fried Lobaster tail AND Fresh Seafood towe with a crisp Viongner. Chops

    Choco Lava cake with Lavazza Coffee. Bistro Niko

    A 20 year old d port and a crackling fireplace.
  4. SHEENA MARIE:Start my day @Corner Cafe for breakfast with Vermont maple syrup on every thing.

    Atlanta Fish Market for Lunch or any time just because I'm from the bay and eat seafood 24 /7 . Love the Seaweed Cucumber Seared Tuna and Volcano .

    Bistro Niko for the wine list and the Passion Fruit Sorbet yum!
  5. Nicholas Porzio:Fried Lobster Tail at Chops
    Bone-In Filet at Chops paired with their creamed spinach and garlic and scallion whipped potaotes
    Bread pudding with creme fraiche from Chops

    I can't wait to do it again Atlanta Eats.
  6. Robert / Paulette:An app of fried lobster,,,a Caesar or Spinach salad,,Mix Grill or Dover sole or a steamed Main Lobster stuffed w/ lump crab w/a side of souffled potatoes..! Then one of those Mud Pies.... finish off w/ a Flaming Coffee Diablo ...tableside !! All from Pano & Pauls-the Flagship,.,.,
  7. Sharon Dover:Fried lobser tails from Chops; who needs anything else?
  8. Aletra degrange:Starter
    Roasted oysters Kyma
    Prawns carponta Pricci

    Tuscan kale salad Buckhead Diner

    Risotto frutti di mare. Vini vidi vici

    La Fiorentina Pricci

    Dessert. Bristo Niko
    3 scoop Sorbet
    Passion fruit
  9. Karii Z:Starter - Mac & Cheese tots from Buckhead Diner
    Appetizer - Kyma's grilled octopus
    Pasta - best risotto in Atlanta at Pricci...their risotto allo scoglio
    Entree - Maryland style jumbo lump crab cakes with sides of corn mash and creamed spinach - all from Chops Lobster Bar
    Dessert - we started here so why not end here? Buckhead Diner for the scrumptious white chocolate banana cream pie!
  10. Preye C.:Appetizer : Gamberetti at Veni Vidi Vici and Lobster Bisque from Chops

    Pasta: Ravioli di Brasato from Pricci

    Entrée: Fried Lobster Tail from Chops

    Sides: Hush Puppies and Whipped Sweet Potato from Atlanta Fish Market

    Dessert: Crème Brulee a La Vanille at Bistro Niko
  11. Susan I.:I need to get out more, because I have no clue, although the fried chicken sounds pretty yummy!
  12. Edward:My ultimate meal from Buckhead Life Group would be:

    Appetisers from Kyma consisting of a platter with their spanikopitas, zucchini and cod fritters. Then the Frisée Aux Lardons from Bistro Niko. The pasta course would be the agnolotti from Veni Vidi Vici, then the Filet Pepper Steak, mac&cheese, and jumbo asparagus from Chops. Dessert would be the Strawberry Shortcake Sundae from Buckhead Diner. Yes, I would be stuffed, but so very happy!
  13. Randy Weiss:My perfect meal would be:

    Lobster Bisque from "Bones" would make an excellent starter.

    The appetizer would be the "Chiocciole Aglio Olio con Spinaci" sauteed snails in Butter and Garlic from La Grotta.

    The salad would be the "Wedge with Bleu Cheese and Applewood Smoked Bacon" from the "Capital Grille".

    The entrée and sides would be from "The Capital Grille". A Dry Aged Porterhouse Steak cooked to a warm medium temperature along with the "Lobster Mac 'N' Cheese" and "White Cheddar and Bacon Twice-Baked Potato"

    To finish off this delicious meal would be "The Flaming Turtle" fondue dessert at "The Melting Pot" where I could dip cheesecake, pound cake, strawberries, banana slices and other wonderful dessert items into hot melted chocolate and candied pecans.
  14. Frankie:You say Starter, I say Salad :)

    “LOADED” ICEBERG WEDGE / Tomato, Warm Bacon &
    Blue Cheese Dressing from Atlanta Fish Market


    polipo - grilled, smoked octopus, pickled red onion, arugula, tomato vinaigrette Veni Vidi Vici


    linguini frutti di mare
    sapelo island clams, mussels, shrimp, baby calamari, maya prawn, colatura di allici Pricci


    “LONG BONE” NIMAN RANCH ALL NATURAL PORK CHOP, yes I know Chops is known for their beef and I love it but no one cooks pork like Chops :)


    Opera Cake
    Sizes: individual or Whole Rectangle
    Layers of frangipan (thin almond cake) soaked in coffee syrup. Filled with layers of mocha butter cream and chocolate ganache. Covered in chocolate glaze Buckhead Bread Company
  15. Larry Dover:Honf Kong Combo Peruvian Sea Bass at Atlanta Fish Market
  16. Sharmah Quan Wardlaw:I love a medium steak with creamed spinach and some awesomely seasoned steak fries, YUM, the perfect meal!