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A Happy Hour with Mezcal Shots and Insane Pizza Snacks + More Atlanta Eats Content!

We just wrapped up one whole month of new Atlanta Eats digital content! In case you missed it, here are some of the best fresh, new, and craveworthy content that’s being talked about the most on social media!

1. Lunch Wars  – B&L Wings

Two office workers. One game of Fortnite. And one EPIC meal at stake. Watch OJ, Matt, and their friend Van battle it out for a huge serving of lemon pepper wet B&L Wings, our favorite wing delivery service in Atlanta!

2. Yes! Ve-gan! – Kombucha 

Fermented tea doesn’t sound great on its face, but Kombucha is so popular, entire tap rooms are opening that exclusively serve the funky SCOBY infused drink. Isaac and Shivam give it a taste and share their thoughts in an all new Yes! Ve-gan!

3. Lunch Wars – Zaxby’s

Who’s got the fastest fingers to win Zaxby’s Fingerz? This delicious Southern Chicken Chain is the prize as our two hosts battle it out. So who will win that delicious fried chicken, zalads, zappetizers and more? Watch Lunch Wars to find out now!

4. Mandal visits Big Dave’s Cheesesteak

Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks owner Derrick Hayes knows what goes into a good cheesesteak. He took a humble cheesesteak shop that he operated out of the back of a Shell station and has turned it into multiple locations including downtown Atlanta! A few months ago, we asked our favorite local standup, Mandal, to join us and try it out for ourselves. Watch our visit, and head to Big Dave’s new locations to get it today.

5. Happy Hour – Featuring Pizza Hut Cheez-Its! 

October is National Pizza Month! We celebrated on an all new Atlanta Eats Happy Hour–our new live show covering the biggest stories in food, pop culture, and Atlanta–by trying the latest creation from Pizza Hut and Cheez-It, debating Atlanta’s best pizza, and hearing Hannah‘s latest restaurant picks. Catch it now!

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