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Hard Seltzer Taste Test


 It’s a hard seltzer taste test on the latest episode of The Mix!  Hard Seltzers have been taking the country by storm, with large brands like White Claw and Truly hitting liquor store and supermarket shelves around the USA.  Plus, microbreweries like Atlanta’s Scofflaw Brewing Co are getting in to the seltzer game.  We’re taste testing all of these to help you pick the perfect ones for that refreshing summer party you’re planning.  For more great info on canned cocktails and other cocktail recipes, visit


Truly Berry Punch
Truly Citrus Punch
Truly Fruit Punch
Truly Tropical Punch
Scofflaw Tahitian Lime
Scofflaw Black Cherry
Scofflaw Georgia Peach
Scofflaw Tropical P.O.G.
Scofflaw Mimosa Hard Seltzer
White Claw Mango
White Claw Blackberry
White Claw Pineapple
White Claw Strawberry

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